Friday, January 25, 2008

Allow me to explain...

I'm a Mac and Cheesehead.
For most of my life I've been a Cheesehead.
Dad has been a Packers fan ever since he was a little boy, so it eventually rubbed off.
You can fight it or join it. 
My older brother continues to fight it.
I jumped on the Packers band wagon decades ago.
My younger brother has embraced all that is green and gold and made of cheese.
And my Mom just deals with it the best way she can.

It is hard cheering a team that is not your local team. Wherever I live it seems that Packer fans are ridiculed... evidently we are all dorks that wear cheeseheads* and hunting clothes to football games. We all say "Oh Yaa, Hay Dare" and "You betcha", too. Ok - not really. But a lot do. And that is ok. It is just part of what makes being a Packers fan unique. And yes, I DO have a cheesehead but no, I don't hunt or have anything camo - however -  I do look good in orange.

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