Monday, January 28, 2008

Macs rule

I've described the cheese, the cheesehead and now comes the Mac.
Oh yes, I do love mac and cheese - who doesn't? What is not to like?

But Macs are my bread and butter. Have been since 1985 when I first laid my hand on a mouse and looked into that beige tower. Well maybe not that exact moment. I remember being intimidated and yet intoxicated at the same time. It was the first time I realized I'd make it and this tool was going to get me there.

I'm not bragging that I was an instant pro - no way. I even had to repeat my first graphics class my first year in college. (I skipped too many classes - not because I was a dimwit - ok I WAS a dimwit by skipping too many classes). Try explaining to Dad who paid for the courses.

I knew the moment I was on a Mac it was what I wanted to do... not sure what it was exactly - but I just knew I had to get to know this thing named Mac. Luckily, I had a sculptor professor who identified early my strengths and weaknesses. It seemed everyone knew my weaknesses... but this professor figured I needed to know my tool of the trade. Yeah, I can draw - probably better than you - maybe not. I was that kid in your art class who knew that she was better. I know I can paint, and sculpt and think up stuff way better than most - but come freshmen year, my ego and hopes were suddenly crushed. I felt as if I was out of my league.

I knew I was talented - I had heard it for 18 years. I was surrounded by loads of talent in college - and also the not-so-talented. I was the cream of the crop - but not any more. Who knew? I learned I was not the bad ass I had been told I was.

So like every confused commercial art student... you take your studio classes. I took 3D - very cool - not what you're thinking in today's standards. We welded, sculpted, cut and sawed. And my professor saw that I was good but not fulfilled. He said every artist is good at something and that I had to find what it was for me.

There is nothing better than a new set of watercolors, a new piece of cold-press paper, the smell of markers, a brand new Pantone book... wait - ok there is. The sound of your mac starting up - as if saying to you "good morning - let's rock".

My tool of choice is a machine. I went to college for six years to master tools like pens, markers, brushes, charcoal, etc. I don't bring out the brushes too often any more - no need. My daily dosage of my friend, the Mac is all I need. This site is just a venue to discuss my guilty pleasures and other treasures of a mac and cheese head.

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