Monday, February 11, 2008

76 Degrees...

Yup - that's the difference in temperature for me this past day.
Not a freak of nature, just flying 1,000 miles north.

We visited my folks in FMB, Fla for the past week. Had a blast doing a lot of nothing. Our 4th time down, so we are pretty much officially part of the gang there (we were invited to a Superbowl party and the weekly Monday night sundown party). I could get used to the retirement thing... just need the $ to do it. damn.

Ate loads of typical Southwest Fla food: grouper (crunchy & blackened), shrimp (buffalo), salmon (blackened) and stone crabs (2 lbs worth).

Saw Lovers Key again - found shells but no lovers.

Many pelicans this year - a couple had yellow feathers on the top of their heads - looked like a funny blonde toupee. They are pretty darn cute - except a man got bit last year. On the beach is 8 pelicans per 1 fisherman. Thieves! I've decided if I ever fished there, I'd just give all my catch to the pelicans. Even though they might bite, they'd be irresistible to feed due to their cute factor.

Saw dolphins, but not as much this year. A pod of about 5-6 were fishing yesterday at about 7:15 a.m. and they were even slapping their tails. Pretty cool. Maybe they were waving "bye" on my last day.

On our daily beach walk (me shelling, and M walking fast and having to stop every 5 min or so for me to catch up), we saw a stingray about 5 feet into the water. It was brown with light polka dots. It's tail was really long and it was sporting a bad scar on its back - probably a fight with a boat, and the boat won. We walked along with it for a while. It was low tide - he (we named him Ray) must have been looking for breakfast.

Our trip ended when we couldn't open our garage door. Not sure if it was the cold, the ice or something else. And of course, we didn't have all our keys with us. And M going out in the snow, cold and WIND with his Fla. "warm" clothes on was really crappy. Glad that our neighbor is skinny as he slid under the door to save us a locksmith charge.

Went back to work with a tan to show off in 4 degree weather. Nice. Of course, we both wore white to show off the tans even more. No sense working that hard sitting at the beach & pool just to cover it up with a turtleneck. I'm really tan for me, but M is about PMS 7517 brown. jerk.

Some people noticed and mentioned my tan - but some looked at me as if I was weird or something - as if I was green, not brown. (I'm PMS 7515 if you're checking).


FlipFlopGirl said...

Two things -

"Saw Lovers Key again - found shells but no lovers."

Is it legal to collect those on the beach these days?

"I'm PMS 7515 if you're checking)."

Know how I know you're a geek and a graphics designer?


macandcheesehead said...

1. it is illegal to collect LIVING SPECIMENS - those with vacancies are allowed.
2. know how I know you're a geek who knows a geek & graphics person? you now what PMS 7515 is! :)