Monday, February 18, 2008

Be my Valentine

I work where there is an abundance of Valentine product, so I've become immune to most holidays. My family always receives the obligatory cards - but they also are recipients of all other holidays including St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Thanksgiving. My card list used to include my oldest niece and nephew  - but they've outgrown cards from their Aunt - except the ones with $ enclosed. My Valentine card list included my parents, my in-laws, my husband and my 3 young nieces and nephew.

For the little ones, I always send stickers for that particular holiday, too. And most envelopes have stickers placed on them that I reserved for myself. I sent out my Valentine's this year from Florida - thinking that would be fun. I brought all my supplies with me, including extra fancy-schmancy stickers.

The Valentine's I received this year were from my parents, my husband and my brother's kids. The card from my parents was also sent from Florida on the same day I sent mine. And it had MY stickers on the envelope. This is what I get when I tell my Mom she can have the extras.

My husband's card was not the usual card from him - he must have felt obligated to purchase a card at a store where they'd been picked over by nervous husbands. I have a feeling he felt pressured to make a card purchase this year - which is not something he needs to do. Needless to say  - there is a "wife" card proudly displayed next to the tv right now.

My brother's kids sent us cards too. My sister-in-law makes art projects out of card sending - so they were individually hand-crafted by a 4 year old and a 2 year old. These are the best kind of cards - as you know the little person who worked on them really thought about you as they crafted them.

There's one more card - it is from a guy at our local Chipotle. It's from Chiptle Ray - the guy who cleans the tables and greets customers and gets you refills. A really nice guy - but can be annoying - as he likes the ladies only. And if you're with a friend who's a hottie - he'll be on you like white on cilantro lime rice. So kudos to you, Chipotle Ray for taking the time to make Valentine's for every female customer on the 14th... customized with your name and Chipotle's logo.

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FlipFlopGirl said...

I too, recieved a card from Ray for V-day. If his theory remains true, he and the wifey had a hot night for the holiday. Ewwwwwww. LoL

Some things are better left unshared while you are eating your lunch. I'm just saying....