Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pixies and the door man

Why is it that young, corporate Pixies think their Royal Highnesses are exempt from having to open doors at work?

Why is it that when someone (me) has her hands full with bag, purse, coffee and other misc. bag(s) and a Pixie just stands there at the door?

Why is it that Pixies act as if they are searching through their overpriced, ugly purse for their badge?.. knowing full well it isn't there.

Why is it I have to use my badge to allow access to the building with full hands? Are all Non-Pixies required to wear company access badges for Pixie-entries?

And why is it that the Pixie then stares at you as if you are a Door Man because they won't even open the door that I just provided access, with full hands?

My #1 theory is that these Pixies are the same shallow, no-brain, Meanies that never grew up from Junior High.

My #2 theory is that Pixies haven't figured out how to open doors yet.

1 comment:

FlipFlopGirl said...

They are so, tiny, hungry, frail and pitiful, that opening said door might snap their teenie, tiny, brand-name designer clad arm in two. Poor Pixies...