Friday, February 15, 2008

Step Cat

I have a step-cat named Rumba. In 1997 I met her at M's apartment.

Issue #1:
I've been a "dog person" my whole life.
Our family had three dogs over the years...
Spot the Dalmation that ran away. Heidi the Puerto Rican Beagle who was given away. And the dog of my life, Alex. A male black Lab who stole eveyone's heart.

Issue #2:
Rumba is an old, orange and white tabby cat that is over weight and is hard to love. She's a tubby-tabby. Plump Rumba. Her belly is so big it hangs and almost touches the ground. M said she was a sick and skinny kitten... her figure proves she obviously has overcome her sickness and is having no difficulty finding the food dish. Many mornings her head is in the way of the food as M pours it. Rumba is the definition of a bitchy girl cat. She is not afraid of people or noises - but she does run when she hears the vacuum cleaner. Her favorite toy is a ribbon or string. She has seepy eyes sometimes and has a stinky butt. We have to help clean her, which is tramatic to her and us.

I heard an expression the other day that someone's dog is on the "tee of the 18th hole"... Rumba is not quite there, but she is in the second round for sure. Because of this - she basically gets what she wants now.

Rumba has no problem voicing her opinion. She has a way with being LOUD when you're trying to watch tv, talk on the phone or sleep. When we married and brought her into our new home she even tried to boss me around. Apparently she was accustomed to being the Alpha Female. I swear she would actually "hmmmph" at me with her attitude. And I know she would have flipped me off if she could back then. I was capable of training a 120 lb male lab, so surely an 18 lb + cat. HA! It took years to figure her out. And I'm not so sure I have. So instead of fighting her, I've become a good kitty-mom and have accepted her as-is. Stinky butt and all.

There's a special place in my heart for our Rumba Girl - she's a gentle soul and even though she doesn't require much, we make sure to give her special time. Her routine is basically sleep and eat and allowing her to have quiet time.

When I get home, I can be assured I'll receive a loud greeting from under my bed. Stinky butt and all.

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Maureen N said...

Rumba makes me giggle. She is so funny.