Friday, March 28, 2008

Compulsive shopping

I'm not a compulsive shopper by any means. The last thing I saw in retail that I "had to have" I can't even remember. It might be my cool Nautica neon rain jacket from about 1997. I still think it is new. I saw it on the rack and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Didn't care how much it was and I guess it was a good gut feeling because I still have it 11 years later.

My compulsive behavior kicks in when I get something in my head that I "need". It could be a pair of shoes, a certain kind of pen or even a haircut. My problem is I analyze my purchases too much. I should probably be more like most people and just buy what I like, when I see it. But I can't do that. No, I have to think it through. I have to go home and think about it more. Then once I finally decide I should have the said shoes, pen, etc., I go in for the kill.

Problems come up because I dilly-dally too much, though. Usually, they're not in my size at that store now. They probably never were, but all I thought about was purchasing them, not checking to see if they have my size in stock. This leads to pursuing the hunt to other stores for that particular pair of shoes, particular color and size, etc. Now I'm on a true hunt and won't be content until I find them.

I get something in my head that I think I need and when I see it,  I grab it. Instant gratification. Not like the compulsive buyer who buys for the thrill of buying. Is that what it is all about any way? No, I buy for the thrill of analyzing it so much that it is now ok to have. Nope, I have to justify splurging $50 for a pair of shoes for myself.

Once I bring home my kill, I'm still not done with my purchase. Oh no, just because I analyze it in my head, it doesn't mean I'll keep it. I've been known to think about a certain pair of shoes/clothes so much that I bring them home, knowing they'll look awesome with certain clothes/shoes - but they don't. Dammit. This is my luck. Back to the store you go.

If the item is perfect, you'll immediately know because I'll be sporting it the next day. If I'm not sure, it'll hang in the closet - hoping the closet-gods will make it perfect. I have been known to keep things with thier tags on for months. This forces me to actually KEEP the item because by the time I figure out I like it, I HAVE to keep it. Yes, I have issues.

So maybe I AM compulsive, just in a different way? I get something in my head so much that I can't get it out until I have it. I buy my vehicles this way. I analyzed my Jeep for at least 6 months. I knew more about the product than any salesman there. This, of course, was to my advantage. Yes, it makes sense when spending $20K, but is it really necessary for a $50 pair of shoes or a $10 pen?

Today was strike 2 looking for a certain pair of shoes. No, I'm not hurting for shoes in any way. But I "needed" a certain pair for work. Tennis-shoe alternatives. The second store didn't have my size either. Ran out of that particular stores to search. dammit.

I bought them online afterwards, scheduled to arrive this Monday. You'll know if they were a good "hunt if I show them off on Tuesday.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I'd never make in on Survivor

I love that dumb show. There. I said it. I have not missed one show since we were introduced to Rich walking around naked, Sue the hick from Wisconsin and Rudy the old military dude who didn't know any of "the gays." 

This past week's episode was rudely NOT dvr'd due to crappy service from Directv. I'll have to watch it online before the next episode. Don't tell me.

As for the show - I'd like to think I'd do OK on the islands. I'm pretty strong, a good swimmer and love competition that involves brute strength. I'd totally suck in the balance challenges, puzzles, eating anything gross and getting along with idiots. The bugs would get to me in about 30 seconds and I'd maybe last that long without my Lipsmacker too.

I also know I would not do OK without food and feeling well. This past week I managed to catch whatever was going around... either picked it up at work or church. (see previous post about the Seals)

It knocked me out for four days in bed with little food, drink and less energy. I managed to get a shower 2 days into the ordeal. Not a nice site. The good news is my nose is stuffed up so at least I couldn't smell anything.

As far as my hair - it looked pretty good for 2 days worth of tossing and turning in bed all night, blowing my nose every other minute and even through a couple of pukes. The vaporizor did wonders on it, too.

I'm on the end of it now, even back to work today. I'm dizzy and low on energy. And my appetite is still missing. I don't miss too many meals - even when sick. Nothing seems to sound good that goes well with Ricola cough drops.

My Friday food consisted of 1/2 banana, a lunch thingy of pears and 10 oyster crackers. No wonder my jeans are kinda loose. That'll last about a week with my luck. Nice holiday from work, too.

I'm just glad M has not kicked me off the island, even after dealing with me this past week. The tribe has spoken.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How much more?

The price of gas went up 30 cents a gallon this past weekend.
Today it is up to about $3.47 a gallon.

Have I changed because of this? Of course it has changed the way I drive - but has it changed most of us?  

Yeah - I drive a 4x4 with dumpy gas mileage. It is not the best SUV or the worst either. It is a small Jeep that works for a married couple. It is the best vehicle to beat the Cleveland snow I could buy. I didn't buy a V-8 or an automatic or an AWD that blows with gas mileage. I bought a 4x4, V-6 with a stick-shift. (and yes, I'm still a girl)

My husband bought a the car that gets much better mpg. He and I made smart decisions when we purchased our vehicles. We bought for the best of what we needed. A smaller, economical smart car for long trips, zipping around town, and getting good mileage and a Jeep that could haul just about anything we need in bad weather. Ok - I admit, it is also a convertible. So it is for getting an ice-cream on nice nights, too.

So how much more $ can we keep spending? I don't think it has sunk in yet. I know I have adjusted for the price of gas - we even made our purchase of vehicles based on it. I don't know if many people other than the Prius-driving-save-the-planet-granolas have.

I have noticed a significant amount of miles that I have NOT put on my Jeep. I make smart decisions on when I drive and where I drive. I plan my trips. I know I changed my driving habits for the majority of the time. But have you?

How about all the people I see waiting in line to drop off High School kids? And all the cars in the drive-through getting their McBreakfast? Or their fancy-named latte? I don't think they've changed enough.

If we continue to pay $4 for a super-sized latte, then what's the big deal about a gallon gas? That is cheap compared to latte per gallon. We all need to start thinking before we drive because we can't live without gas. I know we can live without lattes and McSupersized meals.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Big Dig

We turned our clocks ahead this weekend for Daylight Savings. And for what? So we could wake up with and extra hour of light to see about 18-24 inches of snow.

Northeast Ohio was pounded with snow on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It stopped on Sunday for the Big Dig. It took at least 4 times out there to keep up with what was coming down and blowing around. And once you thought you were finished, the tow trucks came through like tanks demolishing your hard work. The plows pushed snow and ice up on well shoveled driveways as if to rub it in that we were not yet done. If you didn't tackle the damage to the driveway fast, it became a frozen wall that would surely tame most 2 wheel drives... that is why I have a 4x4.

If you live in the North, you have to have certain amenities to survive the Winter: heat, running water, a down coat, boots, shovel and 4 wheel drive. Not sissy AWD - those are for people who think they'll be ok in 18 inches of snow. ha ha.

My JK can make roads in snow. My first car was a Geo Storm. It might as well been a sled in snow. I learned my lesson well - bought my first 4x4 (TJ). I was no longer afraid of me - but of everyone in their "sleds" trying to drive.  Yes, I know I pay a premium for the bigger engine and the 4x4 capability - but that is what I want. I also know I don't get 40 mpg either - and that is still OK by me. I knew when I bought my JK it wasn't built like a Prius. If I wanted a Prius, I'd buy one. 

The price of gas went up 30 cents on Friday in Northeast Ohio. They "blame" Daylight Savings. I guess you can also blame me by buying a 4x4 that was able to pound through the snow when everyone else couldn't. mpg is a sacrifice I make for the bad Ohio weather. Yeah, a Prius would be great the rest of the calendar year, but I bought the best vehicle for big snow.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The end of an era

Today is a sad day for me.
Brett Favre announced he's retiring. 

I'm sure many NFL fans are happy, even glad to see the old guy leave. I know the Pack's fans have been divided about this subject for a while now. But not me. I wanted to see Favre play as long as he could. I guess his knee, wrist, elbow, and the rest of his whole body said enough. Plenty of time now for hunting and fishing, I guess.

I really wanted him to leave on a "high". Did he? I don't know. Sure he's won the coveted Lomardi trophy. But I wanted to see him walk out as high as he could. Maybe he did walk out the best he could - ten years after he won Super Bowl XXXI.

Favre was a true leader and one tough dude and it was obvious he loved the game and to win.

I don't know if anyone will be able to fill #4's place... but that is what they said about Bart Starr in 1971, too. Yes, there will be some hard games this next season at Lambeau - but real Pack fans will have to give Aaron Rodgers a chance to show us what he can do. But I'll still miss #4.

Go Pack Go!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Close friends of ours got hitched on Friday, Feb. 29th.

I wonder if couples who marry on the 29th on Leap Year will celebrate their anniversary only every four years? Do you have to pick Feb. 28 or March 1st instead?

Our friends got married their way... which is the best way. They've been a couple for about 20 years. They've shared an apartment, a condo, a house and many pets over the years. The subject of marriage came up from time to time, but it wasn't right for them at that time, for whatever the reason(s). Everyone who knows them thought of them as married, so no one pressed the issue. Plus, it didn't bother them, so why should it bother anyone else?

So what finally "clicked" with them? Was it the need for benefits due to a layoff? Was it the need to show the world they are officially a couple? Was it to prove not to mess with them as a couple? Probably all of these. All I know is the time was right after all this time - so it is right for them. Congrats to our friends for jumping on the marriage band wagon. It's been a fun ride for us!