Monday, March 10, 2008

The Big Dig

We turned our clocks ahead this weekend for Daylight Savings. And for what? So we could wake up with and extra hour of light to see about 18-24 inches of snow.

Northeast Ohio was pounded with snow on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It stopped on Sunday for the Big Dig. It took at least 4 times out there to keep up with what was coming down and blowing around. And once you thought you were finished, the tow trucks came through like tanks demolishing your hard work. The plows pushed snow and ice up on well shoveled driveways as if to rub it in that we were not yet done. If you didn't tackle the damage to the driveway fast, it became a frozen wall that would surely tame most 2 wheel drives... that is why I have a 4x4.

If you live in the North, you have to have certain amenities to survive the Winter: heat, running water, a down coat, boots, shovel and 4 wheel drive. Not sissy AWD - those are for people who think they'll be ok in 18 inches of snow. ha ha.

My JK can make roads in snow. My first car was a Geo Storm. It might as well been a sled in snow. I learned my lesson well - bought my first 4x4 (TJ). I was no longer afraid of me - but of everyone in their "sleds" trying to drive.  Yes, I know I pay a premium for the bigger engine and the 4x4 capability - but that is what I want. I also know I don't get 40 mpg either - and that is still OK by me. I knew when I bought my JK it wasn't built like a Prius. If I wanted a Prius, I'd buy one. 

The price of gas went up 30 cents on Friday in Northeast Ohio. They "blame" Daylight Savings. I guess you can also blame me by buying a 4x4 that was able to pound through the snow when everyone else couldn't. mpg is a sacrifice I make for the bad Ohio weather. Yeah, a Prius would be great the rest of the calendar year, but I bought the best vehicle for big snow.

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