Friday, March 28, 2008

Compulsive shopping

I'm not a compulsive shopper by any means. The last thing I saw in retail that I "had to have" I can't even remember. It might be my cool Nautica neon rain jacket from about 1997. I still think it is new. I saw it on the rack and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Didn't care how much it was and I guess it was a good gut feeling because I still have it 11 years later.

My compulsive behavior kicks in when I get something in my head that I "need". It could be a pair of shoes, a certain kind of pen or even a haircut. My problem is I analyze my purchases too much. I should probably be more like most people and just buy what I like, when I see it. But I can't do that. No, I have to think it through. I have to go home and think about it more. Then once I finally decide I should have the said shoes, pen, etc., I go in for the kill.

Problems come up because I dilly-dally too much, though. Usually, they're not in my size at that store now. They probably never were, but all I thought about was purchasing them, not checking to see if they have my size in stock. This leads to pursuing the hunt to other stores for that particular pair of shoes, particular color and size, etc. Now I'm on a true hunt and won't be content until I find them.

I get something in my head that I think I need and when I see it,  I grab it. Instant gratification. Not like the compulsive buyer who buys for the thrill of buying. Is that what it is all about any way? No, I buy for the thrill of analyzing it so much that it is now ok to have. Nope, I have to justify splurging $50 for a pair of shoes for myself.

Once I bring home my kill, I'm still not done with my purchase. Oh no, just because I analyze it in my head, it doesn't mean I'll keep it. I've been known to think about a certain pair of shoes/clothes so much that I bring them home, knowing they'll look awesome with certain clothes/shoes - but they don't. Dammit. This is my luck. Back to the store you go.

If the item is perfect, you'll immediately know because I'll be sporting it the next day. If I'm not sure, it'll hang in the closet - hoping the closet-gods will make it perfect. I have been known to keep things with thier tags on for months. This forces me to actually KEEP the item because by the time I figure out I like it, I HAVE to keep it. Yes, I have issues.

So maybe I AM compulsive, just in a different way? I get something in my head so much that I can't get it out until I have it. I buy my vehicles this way. I analyzed my Jeep for at least 6 months. I knew more about the product than any salesman there. This, of course, was to my advantage. Yes, it makes sense when spending $20K, but is it really necessary for a $50 pair of shoes or a $10 pen?

Today was strike 2 looking for a certain pair of shoes. No, I'm not hurting for shoes in any way. But I "needed" a certain pair for work. Tennis-shoe alternatives. The second store didn't have my size either. Ran out of that particular stores to search. dammit.

I bought them online afterwards, scheduled to arrive this Monday. You'll know if they were a good "hunt if I show them off on Tuesday.

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