Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How much more?

The price of gas went up 30 cents a gallon this past weekend.
Today it is up to about $3.47 a gallon.

Have I changed because of this? Of course it has changed the way I drive - but has it changed most of us?  

Yeah - I drive a 4x4 with dumpy gas mileage. It is not the best SUV or the worst either. It is a small Jeep that works for a married couple. It is the best vehicle to beat the Cleveland snow I could buy. I didn't buy a V-8 or an automatic or an AWD that blows with gas mileage. I bought a 4x4, V-6 with a stick-shift. (and yes, I'm still a girl)

My husband bought a the car that gets much better mpg. He and I made smart decisions when we purchased our vehicles. We bought for the best of what we needed. A smaller, economical smart car for long trips, zipping around town, and getting good mileage and a Jeep that could haul just about anything we need in bad weather. Ok - I admit, it is also a convertible. So it is for getting an ice-cream on nice nights, too.

So how much more $ can we keep spending? I don't think it has sunk in yet. I know I have adjusted for the price of gas - we even made our purchase of vehicles based on it. I don't know if many people other than the Prius-driving-save-the-planet-granolas have.

I have noticed a significant amount of miles that I have NOT put on my Jeep. I make smart decisions on when I drive and where I drive. I plan my trips. I know I changed my driving habits for the majority of the time. But have you?

How about all the people I see waiting in line to drop off High School kids? And all the cars in the drive-through getting their McBreakfast? Or their fancy-named latte? I don't think they've changed enough.

If we continue to pay $4 for a super-sized latte, then what's the big deal about a gallon gas? That is cheap compared to latte per gallon. We all need to start thinking before we drive because we can't live without gas. I know we can live without lattes and McSupersized meals.

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