Monday, March 24, 2008

I'd never make in on Survivor

I love that dumb show. There. I said it. I have not missed one show since we were introduced to Rich walking around naked, Sue the hick from Wisconsin and Rudy the old military dude who didn't know any of "the gays." 

This past week's episode was rudely NOT dvr'd due to crappy service from Directv. I'll have to watch it online before the next episode. Don't tell me.

As for the show - I'd like to think I'd do OK on the islands. I'm pretty strong, a good swimmer and love competition that involves brute strength. I'd totally suck in the balance challenges, puzzles, eating anything gross and getting along with idiots. The bugs would get to me in about 30 seconds and I'd maybe last that long without my Lipsmacker too.

I also know I would not do OK without food and feeling well. This past week I managed to catch whatever was going around... either picked it up at work or church. (see previous post about the Seals)

It knocked me out for four days in bed with little food, drink and less energy. I managed to get a shower 2 days into the ordeal. Not a nice site. The good news is my nose is stuffed up so at least I couldn't smell anything.

As far as my hair - it looked pretty good for 2 days worth of tossing and turning in bed all night, blowing my nose every other minute and even through a couple of pukes. The vaporizor did wonders on it, too.

I'm on the end of it now, even back to work today. I'm dizzy and low on energy. And my appetite is still missing. I don't miss too many meals - even when sick. Nothing seems to sound good that goes well with Ricola cough drops.

My Friday food consisted of 1/2 banana, a lunch thingy of pears and 10 oyster crackers. No wonder my jeans are kinda loose. That'll last about a week with my luck. Nice holiday from work, too.

I'm just glad M has not kicked me off the island, even after dealing with me this past week. The tribe has spoken.

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