Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cell phones

I have one. Most people do. But I don't live my life around it. I know I am not that important.

I don't think most cell phone users have any idea how they live around their phones.

How did we survive without them?
We changed that flat tire on the road.
We bought the correct items at the grocery store by ourselves.
We rented the correct movie on our own.
We picked up take-out all by ourselves.
We were late, but we arrived there any way.
We were distracted by passengers or the radio only.
We wore watches to tell time.
We went to restaurants and enjoyed the live conversation.
We got lost, but asked directions.
We waited to tell something unimportant.
We had long distance at home.
We read old magazines while waiting for a haircut or an oil change.
We were jerks while driving – because we were just jerks.
We were in traffic accidents and accepted help from others.
We used pay phones and calling cards.
We were overhead paged at work.
We didn't take pictures of silly things.
We had no idea what LOL and OMG meant.
And we survived without them.

I still wear a watch and I know what OMG means. I know how to change a flat tire but admit I don't know if I would now. Yes, I'm aware cellular phones are a huge advancement. But I don't think people today think how unacceptable their phone behavior is. If you remember the year 1990 or before, you know this. If you were born after 1990, you have no clue.

What gets me most are the people in their 40's who know better. But they don't. Why not?

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