Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hand-me-downs & the icky van

My parents bought new patio furniture. Being the smart and opportunistic child, I "called" the old stuff as soon as I heard the news. As for old, dumpy, used stuff - it just doesn't exist at my parents' house. Anything they offer, LaZBoys, fridge, tvs and patio furniture - equals good stuff. And yes, I have been the recipient of all these things.

You have to know, though, that there are rules to the free stuff. It usually comes with a date that you have to have it out of their house. Easy rule usually - except I don't own a pick-up truck, large suv or van. damn. This means you have to figure out how to get the freebies out of the house by said date. Not always an easy task.

We borrowed M's brother's van - which by the way, also happens to be a hand-me-down. I love my brother-in-law and his wife and kids dearly. And what is theirs is ours. In this case, their van for the day. The only thing is that their van is icky. Yes, I'm a spoiled girl saying this - it is really, really, really icky inside. It has not seen the likes of a dustbuster, vacuum cleaner, Windex, or even a napkin – although I saw a used one on its floor. Seriously, the last time the van was cleaned was when they visited my in-laws and my father-in-law offered to have it detailed. I'm sure him seeing a piece of pepperoni on the seat had something to do with it. Again –nothing against my brother-in-law, but he is the worst car cleaner ever. He is, however, very generous with his van.

So ickyness aside, we ventured in the van. M is used to driving a sports car – so he had difficulty driving it. He actually lost his "street cred" that he usually has while driving. We took the van to pick up our new grill on the way home. We visited Lowes the night before, but we weren't too impressed with their assortment. Plus their free assembly means you get it when they're ready.

We decided to buy locally from a small business downtown. A nice place with better brands. His prices were slightly higher, but he took 15% off – which made the deal the same as the cheapola ones at Lowes. Plus, we bought a better product with better service – and we bought locally. I wish most people would try to buy local and support their cities this way.

We picked up our patio furniture with plenty of space inside the van. The napkin did not get in the way – but I knew where it was at all times. We unloaded the patio furniture and then we loaded up another hand-me-down and took it to Goodwill. We even tried to buy mulch because we had the van for the entire day. We decided against the mulch because it really is too soon here.

We dropped off the van with a full tank of gas as our "tank-you". It was bothering me, but I left the napkin in the back, because it might have been a hand-me-down, too. :P

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FlipFlopGirl said...

ha ha ha ha... you said "tank you." I have issues, I know. ;-) Thank you for my hand-me-down TV. Yay for free TV's!