Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Pedegg

While home sick before Easter, I saw this awful ad.
I think I'd shoot myself if I had to watch daytime TV and daytime ads full time. I noticed that most shows are in one of these categories: soap operas, something to do with babies or baby animals, home improvement, self improvement or have a judge as the main character.

The daytime ads are for lawsuits, medicine, retirement plans or cleaning supplies (household and/or personal). The Pedegg ad fit perfect into the ad rotation in between "A Baby Story" and "Judge Judy". Being sick, this ad didn't make me feel any better.

I realize personal hygiene is necessary, but do they really need to show how handy this product is? Ok, we get it. People have gross feet. The before and after shots are lovely. The filings disposal image made my nausea kick in. And they had to show the white filings being dumped into a dark garbage can, too.

A friend of mine said it looks like a cheese grater. "Parmesan cheese, anyone?"

Not only does the company produce the regular Pedegg, but they also offer a Platinum version. Rushing out to get mine right now.

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