Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Potty peeves

Ok - I have some issues with public bathrooms - especially those at work.

#1: why oh why can't women flush a toilet when they're done? How can you miss the fact that you did not flush? It is easy: you pee, wipe then flush. In that order please. Two year olds get it - why can't you?

#2: is it so obvious that the 3 major rules about going to the bathroom must be followed by the last: wash your hands. Ever notice that the cafeteria workers and benefits / healthcare people are guilty of not washing their hands? I have. Not cool.

#3: why do you have to sit in a stall right next to me when it is empty? Are you the same person who sits near me at the movies? At the airport? At the grocery store? While I'm picking out a greeting card? Are you people person that much?

#4: if you can afford fancy paper towel dispensers and motion sensor faucets, why not buy decent toilet paper? Or paper towels that actually dry your hands? And the faucets should have hot and cold water - not just cold. The cafeteria workers who actually do wash their hands are doing so in cold water.

#5: those toilet bowl paper thingies are a bad design. They're made out of a paper that is like that at the doctor... and they stick to you like at the doctor. Bad design.

My two year old nephew could show the ladies how it is done. I'd hate to see their bathrooms at home.

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