Monday, April 28, 2008

white coat syndrome

Yes, I have it. Always have and I probably always will.
No matter if I have to see a dentist, OBGYN or even an eye doctor, too. I even get it going to Lens Crafters picking out a pair of glasses. What is the big deal? I have no idea, but I still get nervous. Maybe because I'm lucky that I don't have to see too many doctors. I think about a time that may come and I'll be there more than usual – and that scares me.

I know these are all professionals (let's hope) that are experts at their jobs. I know they do this day in, day out. And I know they have seen it all – hopefully not all of me. Until then, I'm off for my REFRACTION. That is what it said on my reminder from the doctor. I actually had to look it up – why doesn't it just say "eye exam"?!

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Mombi said...

Do you find yourself often nervously lying to your doctor or nervously sharing too much information?