Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm a Wii™dow

Wii are the proud owners of a Nintendo Wii.
And when I say "wii" I mean M. The search for the all-and-mighty Wii has now been fulfilled.

This past week, M and I were at Target to make a return. I took advantage of having my coupons and my husband along – so we ventured throughout the store in search of things for him.

30 minutes into our roaming up and down the toiletries, house needs and pet food aisles, M had had enough. It was killing him he was with me looking at litter box deodorant and not in the toy department. By "toy" I mean electronics.

As we hit the back of the store - me in the real toy department and M in electronics, he waved at me in the center aisle. He had the excitement of a kid at Christmas and he could barely hold it in. M said something that I interpreted as - "I have to pee".  I ignored him and continued on my quest for cool toys for the upcoming gifts for our nieces and nephew.

M found me again, with a Target bag now in his hand. As I looked down at it, I realized he didn't have to pee... I left him unattended in the electronics area and they had a Wii in stock. What he was saying is "They have a Wii". The bag contained the conquered game system, two games and an additional controller. He said the extra controller was for me. Uh- huh. Some type of nunchuk was also included. Like I need a nunchuk.

Our drive home must have seemed like eternity as M rushed to get the Wii hooked up and broken in. He reorganized a section of the family room to make sure it fits the perfect way. If that is what it took for him to help organize with excitement, I'd have had a Wii years ago.

I went into the other room, to allow him to get acquainted with his newest best friend. I could hear banging at first (re-organization), a bunch of strange beeps (personalization of his Mii) and then really weird noises of beeps and someone moving around (M bowling). An "ugh", "d'oh" and then a "yes" afterwards meant he was able to knock over some of the bowling pins, I had figured.

At this time, it was time for me to meet the new mistress in the house. She is white and stands about 8" tall and she sits underneath our family room TV. She has an extra controller, but I have yet to use it, however; I was allowed to touch it once. She will allow you to personalize your players to look like you (Mii) and name your player, too. She tells the time, the weather and will allow you to play with other addicts online. Of course, I have yet to do any of these. I'm sure there will be an appropriate time when I get introduced.

Until then, I'm enjoying that M is really happy with his new mistress, er, friend, uh, toy. :)


Maureen N said...

Hahaha Wiidow!!! You are so clever, I love it. I'm picturing M bowling and Jake and Flip sitting there cheering him on and the other mistress, Rumba rolling her eyes and walking upstairs. I'm a loser.

macandcheesehead said...

Jake and Rumba hide and Flip hangs out and watches (near the wall) - he's no dummy.