Thursday, May 8, 2008

iMac turns 10 today

Happy tenth birthday, iMac. I can't believe how the time has flown by.

I remember when you were released. I think you had the coolest design ever. How forward thinking. You shared the design of the year with the VW Beetle – another cool, and yet, elegant shape.

I think my work Mac at that time was a Mac clone. Silly boss. I'm pretty sure I was testing FreeHand 5 for our work environment back then. You only had 233 Ghz and the buzz was you couldn't add memory. But we were thrilled anyway. Bondi blue color was truly the coolest color ever. But that hockey puck mouse of yours never fit my smaller sized hands, but I managed just fine.

M bought a graphite. My mother-in-law bought a lime. (M called it her LiMac - funny). And my hip Mom and Dad owned a tangerine. Our home Mac is still an iMac, I think it is our 5th one. My retired parents now have their own Macs, to avoid fighting and to keep the marriage healthy. Mom has her new iMac and Dad sports his cool MacBook – he's now got his eye on a MacBook Air.

You opened the eyes of the computer world and demanded attention. You were the forward-thinking machine that allowed Apple users to be really proud of our "club". Steve Jobs really became a household name because of you. We had no idea you would be the big brother to the iPod and everything "i-something" to come in the next decade.

I'm glad we've had these 10 years – I can't wait for the next 10.

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