Thursday, May 8, 2008

My favorite TV show

Today is the start of my favorite show the entire year. Nope, not the Rankin Bass holiday shows (close second). This show lasts a mere 4 days.

If you know me, you know this is my favorite show – and I'm embarrassed about my addiction. No, my favorite show isn't something silly like The Real World on MTV (I'm no longer guilty of this one) or American Idol (don't watch it– even the train wreck ones). My favorite show for the past twenty years is on our local PBS station, WVIZ.

By now, you've figured it out –  I'm addicted to the WVIZ auction.

I plan my calendar around it. I mark it in Entourage (Outlook to you PC users) 6 months in advance. I plan on staying up past 1:00 a.m. tonight watching the Kwickie Board. M has accepted this addiction and deals with it as best as he can. He'll catch up with his shows he's had on our dvr for the past year while I'm watching the Big Board's items being described for the umteenth time.

I have no idea why I have this addiction, too. If I could, I'd be watching it right now. In the past years, it used to be 2 weekends in May, Friday through Sunday. M learned not to disturb me at this precious time. Now, it is only 4 days, Thursday through Sunday. I've lost 1/3 of my auction so I feel I have to see every Board I can now. 

There is something really fascinating about some of the items being auctioned on the show. Maybe it is the idea of a "deal"? You never know when you'll need a state gift basket, some cases of wine, specialty books, or a restored fire extinguisher. And yes, these are all items we've won from the auction.

They allow you to have an express bid number for a donation to the station. It allows you to bid very quickly without the name, address, etc. each time. M and I use it to raise the bids on items we'd be willing to buy if we get stuck with that bid. It's fun watching your bid go through, timing it just right, and letting someone else who really wants it steal it from you for more $. It ends up being entertaining for us while helping raise more $ for the station. And yes, M does enjoy doing this when there are certain items on the Boards.

The Kwickie Board is my favorite – the Firehouse Kwickie to be exact. This is the fast pace version where the board sells as soon as they read out all the items. Love it – sirens, fireman hats and fake fire / smoke graphics and all.

Last year, my friend, C and I volunteered for the auction. We were initiated by being thrown on to the Kwickie Board – which was made apparent, rare. We were so excited. We worked for about 5 hours without a break and left the station around 2:00 a.m.

Being there showed me the way the auction really works and I have more appreciation for it. The thing is that it kinda ruined the enjoyment for me, too. While at the station live (and yes, I was on TV), I really didn't get to see the auction like at home – which I love. We discovered quickly that the seasoned volunteers are extremely territorial, too. And we got to work on the most fast paced board our very first time. I would write the items on the dry erase board while C electronically entered the data. We decided not to volunteer this year and try next year. I hope we get to work on the Kwickie Board again.

I can't wait to get home and turn on Channel 25. I have my express bid number ready to go.

Note: M just called and our power is out. That is just mean. Seriously, if true, I have to figure out a Plan B. And if he's joking – I'm buying his birthday present with my express bid number... hope he likes afghans or teeth bleachings.


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