Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Second guessing myself

I indulged and treated myself to a pair of shoes. I've had my eyes on these since I bought my first pair of Privos. (see previous post from March)

I've been to and have checked them out weekly. It is like an addiction or something that I can't explain. Once I find a brand of anything I like, I am hooked and want more. I think I'm a clothes hoarder. When I find something that fits and looks well (rare), I end up buying more of the same thing. I own at least 7 of the same style dress blouses in different colors. I used to collect Keds in various colors and plaids. I think I've outgrown that one. I have a brand new pair of Dr. Marten boots still in the box. My original pair is over 12 years old, but I still wear them. I bought the spare pair because they were at a deep discount, and God knows I needed an exact duplicate – just in case. Just in case of what?! I really don't know.

I was in a mall shoe store last week that carries the Privos. Naturally, I was wooed right towards the shoes I've been eyeing the last couple of months. They carried the style in about four colors – 3 of which I ignored and only homed in on the orange. They didn't have my size in the orange (welcome to my world), but I did try on the brown version. They were stinking cute. And I almost bought them because they really are more practical than orange. I mean, come on, who wears orange shoes?

I ordered the orange pair and they were delivered last night. The sight of the UPS truck excited both M and I as we were both expecting packages. I won last night as only my orange Privos arrived. I immediately opened them and tried them on. They fit like the others. They are certainly orange. And they are really cute. 

I took them to meet my clothes in the closet. A tradition I have when I purchase something slightly "off". I had to introduce the orange to my existing wardrobe. That way I could convince myself they'd fit in and make a permanent home. The thing is, they didn't fit in as well as I was thinking. In my head, I had matched up the orange shoes with certain tops. They didn't really go the way I had thought.  I can't match up my orange tops with orange shoes – I'll look like I'm wearing Garanimals. What they do go with best is WHITE. hmmmmm. I even bought a white blouse (version 3 of the same style) to go especially with these shoes.

Needless to say, the shoes are sitting in my closet today and not on my feet. $80 seems fair for a great pair of "school shoes" that I can wear to work. But really, $80 for orange shoes? Who does that? Me. I know I can "pull them off" as I'm often told. I have red Keens, blue polka-dot Keds (ok, maybe the Keds addiction still lives) and I own a pair of pink, Mickey Mouse Crocs. Do I really need to spend $80 on orange shoes? I'm letting them sit for another day or so to let the idea sink in. I may be second guessing myself, maybe not.

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