Friday, May 30, 2008

Step away from the shoes...

I bought another pair of Privo shoes yesterday. That makes my third pair lately. I definitely have a problem.

I have also recently purchased 4 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of crops, and a skirt. All of which I have yet to wear. I definitely have a problem.

My problem is I need a new wardrobe. I give away, throw away, or put away my clothes every year. Year after year. If I can't fit into it, I give it away. If I don't like it and guess no one else will, I throw it away. And if I hope I'll fit into it next year, I'll put it away in the Rubbermaid container that keeps my hopes alive. I have no idea why I do this.

I tried to let go some clothes this past month as well as cleaning out the closet. I was pretty successful by pulling out over 12 empty shoe boxes. I have a tendency of keeping the shoe box, just in case I need to take them back... even if I've worn them. I know, I know - when will that ever happen? It did happen once to me that I wore a pair for a week, they broke and I did take them back. But I had to take inventory on the empties – I found empty shoe boxes which contents have been worn many times – even out of the country. So I guess it is "safe" now to let go the boxes.

In my quest for having a nice wardrobe, I am constantly looking for shoes. One can always find shoes – no matter what your dress size is. I also had a $10 off of $10 coupon from DSW. Naturally, that was burning a hole in my purse.

And Filene's Basement is right next to DSW... so I had to at least look. I have never bought anything there – I hear it is a hit or miss. So, you guessed it – always a miss for me. But not last night. I found a great shirt, pair of shorts and a pair of crops. Tried on all 3 and they all fit. 3 for 3. Extremely rare for me. So I bought all 3.

DSW was next, so I kept gravitating towards the same kinds of casual shoes... Merrells, Keds, etc. Like I need another pair of either – but, "Oooh! - they have Privos!... on sale!... plus my $10 off!". My partner in crime, M convinced me to get them, as they're the most "work appropriate".

I'm off at lunch to return 2 of the pairs of shorts, in exchange for another style. Maybe I'll get warm enough for me to actually wear some of the new purchases.

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