Friday, May 23, 2008

Today's random thoughts

I went out at lunch today to run a couple of errands. I had the Jeep washed, hit the bank and the gas station.

The car wash line was first, to avoid the lunch rush. I had to keep my window up on a nice day to avoid the jerk next to me blasting his ghetto music. The African American dude in front of him drove a nice car – with his windows up, too. He apparently thought his windows being up blocked my view of him – as he was plucking his nose hairs. Nice. I'd rather deal with the boom boom boom from the jerk right next to me, thank you.

The manager at the car wash remembered me, and was impressed that my roof bumper didn't pop off this time. (My last trip to the Jeep dealer, I had the mechanic place it back in properly). I was kinda impressed that the manager remembered.

Hit the bank and thought it was weird that there were only two teller "windows" – one regular one and one low one with a chair. Are customers that lazy where we need to sit while at the bank?

They're estimating that gas will go up even more over the weekend – so I filled up. Thinking I'd be saving money by filing up early, it still didn't feel cheap at $3.99. I guess compared to $4.17 it is. I'm not buying it that people are freaked out about gas prices yet – due to all the vehicles I still see out and about. It bothered me that some jerk was smoking at the pumps, too. Maybe if we're lucky, ignorance will get that jerk blown up some day. Or as M says - nature's way of weeding out the weak.

On my way back to work, I saw a lady walking and talking to herself. Hands and all. I thought she was in a deep conversation on a cell phone. Nope - just with herself.

I got a salad and pop at lunch - $4.79 for a dinky salad and a diet coke. And I was brave picking a brussel sprout and putting it on my salad. Note to self: don't put things like brussel sprouts on a salad bar that you have to pay by the ounce. Also note: you don't like brussel sprouts.

Pretty sure we will get to leave early today. I sure hope so, as I'll be able to get a haircut before I go home. I have a habit of once I get it in my head that I need a cut, I can't stop thinking about it until I do. I am looking pretty shabby – as my mom says, "if it gets any longer, I'll need a leash". funny.

Tomorrow is the opening day of our subdivision's pool. I'm not so sure it really will be open due to the weather. It is only to be in the 60's. That stinks. I'll just have to sit in my chair on the patio, I guess. I have my pool bag just about ready to go. I still need to find the container that has our nice pool towels. I'm slacking.

We're going out with friends and visiting family this weekend. In between, I hope to sit in my favorite spot - my chair at the pool.

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