Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trying to be patient

Lately at work, it has been either hot or cold. Nothing in between.
While I understand it is May in Cleveland, I don't understand how at work it can't be "comfortable". I guess comfortable means many things.

I know that the older I'm getting, the extremes affect me more and more. And no, I'm not premenopausal.

Today's forecast is sunny and 66 degrees. Nice, right? But it is freezing inside. I'm someone who gets hot much faster than others, so this is odd for me to be so cold. I know they say you have to "layer" in the Midwest. But in May, and indoors? Apparently, so.

So they blast the air and we're about to freeze to death. One theory is they're keeping it cold so that germs can't grow – therefore, no sick days. Another theory is that they just can't figure out how to maintain the temperature. You decide.

Because it is so cold that one can see their breath, so what do they do? They turn off the air. They turn off everything. No white noise, no nothing. So now we have cold, stale air and we can hear each other think.

I've had thoughts of strangling my neighbors due to their loud talking, coughing, giggling, typing and just normal office noises. What was that? I think I just heard a moth fart.

I am one of those ultra-sensitive people with senses. I just can't help it. And the older I get, the more I hope I'm becoming patient. But I'm not all days. I pick up smells faster than most. Someone can walk through the area with nasty rose-scented perfume and it almost gags me. Chinese food is a hoot, too. I can't imagine how I'd be if I was ever pregnant. And bright light bothers me, too. I can't have my work area bright. This is difficult when sitting next to someone who can't see without neon lights blaring. So bright she could make extra cash by growing weed in her cube.

The worst sensitivity I have is noise. I got accustomed to sleeping with a radio my first semester in college. I can blame my parents for 2 boys and 1 girl for that... so having a roommate was a difficult challenge. As if a radio was not enough, I got used to running a fan at night for white noise, too. The radio habit is long gone, but I still run a fan every night. (note to self: invest in a fan company).

I have a fan running constantly at work, too. It's sole purpose is to block out said noises. It is also convenient when hot, too. I even have a spare, just in case it breaks. My friend's area is even more quiet, and his fan broke on Monday. So I sacrificed my spare to him. I understand his pain.

I know my sensitivity with noises is my problem and that it is just me being me. I'm trying to deal with it.

So today, I'm running my fan and listening to my iPod while working. I have two backups for music: iTunes off the Mac and a radio/cd player. I even have an extra set of earphones – just in case. (another note to self: make sure you have batteries for the radio in case of power outage). So if you call me today – don't expect me to answer the phone. I can't hear my phone ring, but I can hear my neighbor's eyes blink. I can't win. :P

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