Monday, June 30, 2008


I called 911 yesterday. It was the first time for me.

A man fell on the sidewalk on his way to the park, near our pool. The lifeguard, M and I were the only ones there. I thought the man might be the guard's dad or someone she knew. He was not. No one at the pool saw him fall, we only heard him. We called out to him if he was ok. He said he was.

He got up and sat on the sidewalk wall for awhile. We assumed he was just stunned at the fall. He then headed up the sidewalk up the hill. He had a bad limp and was dragging his leg and his arm. It looked as if he had a disability, but he continued up the walk. And I continued to read my book.

Within minutes, I walked up the hill towards the clubhouse and the rest room. The man was sitting in the grass about half way up the hill. His left knee was bleeding from the fall, but not too bad. I asked if he was ok, and he said he didn't know. I asked if he could get up the hill and back home and he said he didn't know, either. I asked where he lived and he is a neighbor in my development. I asked his name and told him mine. He didn't want a band-aid for the knee because he said it was ok. But he obviously needed help.

I'm in my swimsuit, have to go to the bathroom really bad, and a man needs help. Typical me. I told him we could call a spouse, friend, or neighbor to come get him. He said he had none available. I asked if there was a next of kin near him, he said yes, but didn't know if they could help. He said he needed to get to the hospital. I asked if he needed me to get my Jeep and get him home, he said he didn't think so. I told him that we would help, but didn't know how. And that I would got the restroom and be right back.

When I returned, I asked what he wanted me to do – as he clearly could not go home on his own and he could not just sit there, too. He said he wanted to go to the hospital, as he could not work his right leg or hand very well. This must be why he looked disabled to me as I watched him walk part way up the hill. I asked him if he hurt himself in the fall and he said he was really dizzy and that he could not feel his arm or leg well. I told him we'd call paramedics if he wanted, which is what he wanted. He must have felt scared and hurt to want us to call 911. I tried to call 911 on the guard's cell phone. It rang and rang. Nice to know.

I then used the pool's phone and got through... to put me on hold! Then a person asked if I needed fire, police or ambulance. Then on hold again. Geez! Finally, I spoke with a dispatcher about the fallen man. We relayed his information and they said just to keep him comfortable. By the time I was off the phone, we could hear sirens. They made up lost time quickly from me being on hold.

M stood at the top of the hill to direct the paramedics. They came down the hill and they assisted him quickly. He said he thought he fell because he was dizzy. They asked if he could grab their hands with his, and he could not with his right hand well. They tested his legs for pushing too, and again, his right leg was really weak. He had the signs of a stroke. We all knew it now.

They took him to the hospital and I assured him he'd be ok without his wallet. I also assured him he would have a fast ride to the hospital and that he did the right thing.

I went through it in my head all day yesterday. Did we help him in time? Did we do the right thing? When I called, did I give good information? I hope yes to all and that I don't have to call 911 again. I don't know my neighbor, but I hope he is ok. I wonder if someone would do the same for me?

Friday, June 27, 2008

28 day cycle

I'm apparently on a 28 day cycle... 28 whole days I went without buying another pair of shoes. What happened?

What happened is I need new Tevas. These are my walking on the beach shoes, my "it's raining and warm" shoes, and my spare pool shoes. I know, I know – how often do I walk on the beach? Not much, but when I do, I want nice water sandals – who doesn't? How often is it raining and I want to wear sandals? Quite a lot, lately. And how often do I really need a pool shoe back-up? Not much at all, because I have really cool Birki's just for that purpose. But one must mix it up with the pool gear from time to time, too.

So I need Tevas eventually. Or something to replace them. So my slow looking begins. I bought M a pair of Keens for Valentine's Day. And yes, I am a good wife. He, too needed a new pair of Tevas, but really wanted Keens. While in Florida, we could not find a pair of Keens at all – which is strange as I think Florida is not only the Sunshine State, but also the Sandal State. I needed a gift for Valentine's Day + he needed shoes = Keens from me.

When I saw M open his Keens, I admit I was really jealous. So I guess it really started then. But lately, Lands End has had ads on their Keen look-a-likes. And they, too, are really cute. Plus, they're on sale and with free shipping this week. Sounds too good to be true, right? Right. They are out of stock and even if I did buy these, they would not ship to be until August. And I just don't want to wait.

So I'm drawn to onlineshoes com, like a fat person is to the food channel. And once you're hooked on them, they send you email updates on their sales. The sales usually don't include brands like Keens, but they did today. I hope my new red Keens get here in time for our vacation to the waterpark – if not I'll have to wear my old, dumpy Tevas. hmmph.

I hope they show up and that I can keep myself from another shoe purchase in the next month too. Not sure on either.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What you can buy me

For those of you who know me, I am difficult to buy for. I know this. You know this. So take advantage of these cool items shown.

The above is a cool tshirt – for those who care, I wear a size 2X.

This watch is totally awesome. It's Jeep branded, orange and a watch. Note: 3 things I love.

Another cool tshirt – again, Jeep and orange.

Above is is probably my favorite tshirt – Jeep, Wisconsin and cheese - a good trio... AND it is on sale! Wonder if they make one that also has Macs and Peeps on it?

My next major purchase

Every couple of years they come out with a concept car that catches my attention. Most don't make it to the assembly line, but some actually do. The FJ Cruiser was one that made it. Quite possibly the coolest looking suv out there – ever. And nope, I didn't buy one because it just didn't make sense to me.

My love for the Jeep Wrangler was something I had a long time ago. I think most people like the look of the Jeep. And most envy the cool factor, as well. I hear alot, "I always wanted a Jeep". Uh, well, duh, so did I so I bought one. I also hear, "I could never buy a Jeep because it is not practical". Uh, yeah it is – because I make it that way. These are the same people you can justify a huge 4 door suv, but not a Jeep. I hear too, "Jeep's aren't safe". Ok, you're right. I am such a dumb ass - twice to have bought one. People are so insulting. If you want to call me immature because I drive a Jeep, don't.So the teasers are popping up on the web of the new concepts. I have found my newest vehicle. One should always have a plan in case you need to make a fast purchase. The new Jeep Renegade is by far, the most coolest thing I have seen. Not only is it striking with good looks, it is 4x4 AND it has been blessed with great fuel economy. Jeep claims it can go 40 miles with its lithium batteries and it can get 110 mpg on its electric motor.It looks like I'll have to start saving for a 3 car garage for a parking place.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


All these happened yesterday:

I saw a person driving a Jaguar dropping off a kid at a day-care. If you drive a Jaguar, why do you need day-care? Maybe you should dump the Jag and spend more time and $ on your kid at home instead.

I saw a tow truck towing a tow truck. funny

We found an apple in the women's work bathroom – in a stall, on the toilet. Did someone named Eve leave it there? Or the witch from Snow White? Why would you leave it there? Was it left there on purpose? And if not, why would you place it there in the first place? It was gone this morning. So, did the person remember and retrieve it or did the cleaning lady find it? (Image is courtesy C's cell phone).

I saw a lady with two rows of teeth waiting in line to enter Progressive Field. It was purely vile. I think she was with her mom and her brother. They were quite nasty, but this gal took the prize for Ugo of the Year. If she can afford Indian's tickets, why not a dentist?

In the same line waiting for Progressive Field to open, I saw two girls dressed identical. They were in their twenties and really overweight. And they had no clue of their size. It is bad enough when you see one like this, but two. "Hey, let's look ridiculous... together!" Needless to say, I stood near them to look skinny and cool.

I consumed 2 nachos, 2 hot dogs, 1/2 cup of popcorn, 1/2 cup of peanuts in the shell (but I could've eaten more), a cup of cracker jacks with FOUR prizes inside, salad, a hot pretzel, and a bag of cotton candy... all because we had free club seats at the game with the all-you-can-eat food fest.

It was a good day, minus the girl with shark teeth.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Step away from the Peeps

I have many addictions - don't we all? One of mine is the love for Peeps. Yes, laugh if you will.

As an older kid, my Easter basket always had an entire box full of bright yellow, sugar-coated, marshmallow gooeyness.

When I was younger, my Mom thought it was cool to open the box and I had to SHARE with my older brother. This not only was lame, but my Peeps got stale sitting on the fake green plastic grass. I ate them anyway, of course and probably snuck a couple of my brother's. I quickly realize my love for those dumb chicks. I love them so much I even give them up for Lent - so I won't overdose on them during the Easter season.

This causes a dilemma, as I have to WAIT until AFTER Easter to enjoy my precious treats.
As an adult, I look forward to Peep Seasons - Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas. Just Born (the mighty maker of Peeps) keeps bringing out fancy new Peeps - but never all year round ones. What's with that? My only option is to hoard boxes of Peeps so I have a stash in the pantry until the next season. Right now, I have 2 boxes in the pantry - some cocoa bunnies and some Valentine hearts. I am saving them just for the right time to eat an entire row at a time. Yes, I eat an entire row at a time. Don't judge me.

To make ends meet during "dry periods" – I have discovered that Kraft now makes both strawberry and chocolate marshmallows. Both good and seasonal, so I also hoard them – but they're not the same as Peeps, but a close second.

I found out today there is a new kind of Peeps coming out in Valentine's Day 2009 – Chocolate Mouse Bears and Bunnies. My preferred Peep of all time is the chick – they're thicker and therefore way better. The bunnies, etc. are also great - but not like the fat, squishy chicks. The ratio of marshmallow is better, at least to me. Here's hoping Just Born makes some extra-large cocoa chicks - all year round.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More random thoughts...

My newest Privos are in their box, ready to be taken back for another size. I've worn the same size since 8th grade, but these seemed large. I talked myself into the size 1/2 smaller. Now I'm not sure if that was a good idea. There is nothing worse than shoes that don't fit – especially too small.

I exchanged 2 pairs of shorts that I thought at the store were fine. When compared to others at home, I decided they had to go back. Because the store only had weird colors in the style I liked, I exchanged them for 1 pair. A pair that I don't love. What is wrong with me? Because I had $25 off $50 – that's why. Again, that pair of shorts – the ones I already exchanged them for 2 to 1, are in the bag on the kitchen table. That means they're ready to go back. I'd be better off buying a nice pair of jeans, any way. The main problem is that all my summer shorts in the past 10 years have been the same style: cargo shorts. Men's cargo shorts. It is time I stop looking like my husband all summer. I still have SOME of them, but know it is time for a change.

My back hurts today. I dug edges in our side yard's mulch beds. I have no idea how to do this other than hard, manual labor. M is a good helper, but he's as clueless as me. We put $99 worth of flowers out, too. The bugs got to me last night, so I had to quit. Plus, my body was telling me it was quitting time, too.

Our neighborhood comes alive after the last snowfall. Many walk around for their exercise. And many stop by to talk when you're in the yard. This is a great thing – except I was "wringing wet" and totally nasty. M is more cordial than me, as I continued to dig while he got caught up with neighbors. It'll take us a week to get the work done at this speed.

I saw a guy waiting for the bus today. He wears a really long winter coat – even on days I'd never wear a heavy coat. He must love that coat. He is a really dark African American middle aged man. He has longer hair and wears really bright suits. I wonder where he buys those suits? And I wonder where he goes to work wearing a 3 piece bright green suit. It must be a fun place.

Today it is raining off an on. Here comes the predicament: to keep the windows open or not. I opted for not. So I was late 5 minutes because I closed the house up. I'm hoping the new A/C repaired last month works great. Figured it was a good time to make sure – 90 degree weather is in this week's forecast. I'd hate to find out it isn't working then.