Friday, June 27, 2008

28 day cycle

I'm apparently on a 28 day cycle... 28 whole days I went without buying another pair of shoes. What happened?

What happened is I need new Tevas. These are my walking on the beach shoes, my "it's raining and warm" shoes, and my spare pool shoes. I know, I know – how often do I walk on the beach? Not much, but when I do, I want nice water sandals – who doesn't? How often is it raining and I want to wear sandals? Quite a lot, lately. And how often do I really need a pool shoe back-up? Not much at all, because I have really cool Birki's just for that purpose. But one must mix it up with the pool gear from time to time, too.

So I need Tevas eventually. Or something to replace them. So my slow looking begins. I bought M a pair of Keens for Valentine's Day. And yes, I am a good wife. He, too needed a new pair of Tevas, but really wanted Keens. While in Florida, we could not find a pair of Keens at all – which is strange as I think Florida is not only the Sunshine State, but also the Sandal State. I needed a gift for Valentine's Day + he needed shoes = Keens from me.

When I saw M open his Keens, I admit I was really jealous. So I guess it really started then. But lately, Lands End has had ads on their Keen look-a-likes. And they, too, are really cute. Plus, they're on sale and with free shipping this week. Sounds too good to be true, right? Right. They are out of stock and even if I did buy these, they would not ship to be until August. And I just don't want to wait.

So I'm drawn to onlineshoes com, like a fat person is to the food channel. And once you're hooked on them, they send you email updates on their sales. The sales usually don't include brands like Keens, but they did today. I hope my new red Keens get here in time for our vacation to the waterpark – if not I'll have to wear my old, dumpy Tevas. hmmph.

I hope they show up and that I can keep myself from another shoe purchase in the next month too. Not sure on either.

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