Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More random thoughts...

My newest Privos are in their box, ready to be taken back for another size. I've worn the same size since 8th grade, but these seemed large. I talked myself into the size 1/2 smaller. Now I'm not sure if that was a good idea. There is nothing worse than shoes that don't fit – especially too small.

I exchanged 2 pairs of shorts that I thought at the store were fine. When compared to others at home, I decided they had to go back. Because the store only had weird colors in the style I liked, I exchanged them for 1 pair. A pair that I don't love. What is wrong with me? Because I had $25 off $50 – that's why. Again, that pair of shorts – the ones I already exchanged them for 2 to 1, are in the bag on the kitchen table. That means they're ready to go back. I'd be better off buying a nice pair of jeans, any way. The main problem is that all my summer shorts in the past 10 years have been the same style: cargo shorts. Men's cargo shorts. It is time I stop looking like my husband all summer. I still have SOME of them, but know it is time for a change.

My back hurts today. I dug edges in our side yard's mulch beds. I have no idea how to do this other than hard, manual labor. M is a good helper, but he's as clueless as me. We put $99 worth of flowers out, too. The bugs got to me last night, so I had to quit. Plus, my body was telling me it was quitting time, too.

Our neighborhood comes alive after the last snowfall. Many walk around for their exercise. And many stop by to talk when you're in the yard. This is a great thing – except I was "wringing wet" and totally nasty. M is more cordial than me, as I continued to dig while he got caught up with neighbors. It'll take us a week to get the work done at this speed.

I saw a guy waiting for the bus today. He wears a really long winter coat – even on days I'd never wear a heavy coat. He must love that coat. He is a really dark African American middle aged man. He has longer hair and wears really bright suits. I wonder where he buys those suits? And I wonder where he goes to work wearing a 3 piece bright green suit. It must be a fun place.

Today it is raining off an on. Here comes the predicament: to keep the windows open or not. I opted for not. So I was late 5 minutes because I closed the house up. I'm hoping the new A/C repaired last month works great. Figured it was a good time to make sure – 90 degree weather is in this week's forecast. I'd hate to find out it isn't working then.

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