Thursday, June 26, 2008

My next major purchase

Every couple of years they come out with a concept car that catches my attention. Most don't make it to the assembly line, but some actually do. The FJ Cruiser was one that made it. Quite possibly the coolest looking suv out there – ever. And nope, I didn't buy one because it just didn't make sense to me.

My love for the Jeep Wrangler was something I had a long time ago. I think most people like the look of the Jeep. And most envy the cool factor, as well. I hear alot, "I always wanted a Jeep". Uh, well, duh, so did I so I bought one. I also hear, "I could never buy a Jeep because it is not practical". Uh, yeah it is – because I make it that way. These are the same people you can justify a huge 4 door suv, but not a Jeep. I hear too, "Jeep's aren't safe". Ok, you're right. I am such a dumb ass - twice to have bought one. People are so insulting. If you want to call me immature because I drive a Jeep, don't.So the teasers are popping up on the web of the new concepts. I have found my newest vehicle. One should always have a plan in case you need to make a fast purchase. The new Jeep Renegade is by far, the most coolest thing I have seen. Not only is it striking with good looks, it is 4x4 AND it has been blessed with great fuel economy. Jeep claims it can go 40 miles with its lithium batteries and it can get 110 mpg on its electric motor.It looks like I'll have to start saving for a 3 car garage for a parking place.

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