Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Step away from the Peeps

I have many addictions - don't we all? One of mine is the love for Peeps. Yes, laugh if you will.

As an older kid, my Easter basket always had an entire box full of bright yellow, sugar-coated, marshmallow gooeyness.

When I was younger, my Mom thought it was cool to open the box and I had to SHARE with my older brother. This not only was lame, but my Peeps got stale sitting on the fake green plastic grass. I ate them anyway, of course and probably snuck a couple of my brother's. I quickly realize my love for those dumb chicks. I love them so much I even give them up for Lent - so I won't overdose on them during the Easter season.

This causes a dilemma, as I have to WAIT until AFTER Easter to enjoy my precious treats.
As an adult, I look forward to Peep Seasons - Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas. Just Born (the mighty maker of Peeps) keeps bringing out fancy new Peeps - but never all year round ones. What's with that? My only option is to hoard boxes of Peeps so I have a stash in the pantry until the next season. Right now, I have 2 boxes in the pantry - some cocoa bunnies and some Valentine hearts. I am saving them just for the right time to eat an entire row at a time. Yes, I eat an entire row at a time. Don't judge me.

To make ends meet during "dry periods" – I have discovered that Kraft now makes both strawberry and chocolate marshmallows. Both good and seasonal, so I also hoard them – but they're not the same as Peeps, but a close second.

I found out today there is a new kind of Peeps coming out in Valentine's Day 2009 – Chocolate Mouse Bears and Bunnies. My preferred Peep of all time is the chick – they're thicker and therefore way better. The bunnies, etc. are also great - but not like the fat, squishy chicks. The ratio of marshmallow is better, at least to me. Here's hoping Just Born makes some extra-large cocoa chicks - all year round.

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