Wednesday, June 25, 2008


All these happened yesterday:

I saw a person driving a Jaguar dropping off a kid at a day-care. If you drive a Jaguar, why do you need day-care? Maybe you should dump the Jag and spend more time and $ on your kid at home instead.

I saw a tow truck towing a tow truck. funny

We found an apple in the women's work bathroom – in a stall, on the toilet. Did someone named Eve leave it there? Or the witch from Snow White? Why would you leave it there? Was it left there on purpose? And if not, why would you place it there in the first place? It was gone this morning. So, did the person remember and retrieve it or did the cleaning lady find it? (Image is courtesy C's cell phone).

I saw a lady with two rows of teeth waiting in line to enter Progressive Field. It was purely vile. I think she was with her mom and her brother. They were quite nasty, but this gal took the prize for Ugo of the Year. If she can afford Indian's tickets, why not a dentist?

In the same line waiting for Progressive Field to open, I saw two girls dressed identical. They were in their twenties and really overweight. And they had no clue of their size. It is bad enough when you see one like this, but two. "Hey, let's look ridiculous... together!" Needless to say, I stood near them to look skinny and cool.

I consumed 2 nachos, 2 hot dogs, 1/2 cup of popcorn, 1/2 cup of peanuts in the shell (but I could've eaten more), a cup of cracker jacks with FOUR prizes inside, salad, a hot pretzel, and a bag of cotton candy... all because we had free club seats at the game with the all-you-can-eat food fest.

It was a good day, minus the girl with shark teeth.


Maureen N said...

Yum! Stadium nachos!!! Can't beat 'em.

Mombi said...

Hey! The restrooms must be nicer on your side of the building with all of that tilework and free fruit.