Friday, July 18, 2008

Vacation days

I am really lucky because I have four weeks of vacation. The fourth week I earned a couple of years ago and it drastically changed my time off – as I am a hoarder of vacation days.

The fourth week means I now have an extra 5 days to save and then have to blow at the end of the vacation cycle. I have a bad habit of saving too much time at the end of the cycle. I even used to save them for funerals, etc. – not really understanding the bereavement policy. I was young and naive then, so what is my excuse now?

Every year, we like to go somewhere nice in January or February. So there is a week that needs to be saved. And I always take a week for the holidays, too. So, that time should be saved, too. We also like to vacation somewhere close for a long weekend, etc. in the fall. There is the third week saved. And one of my favorite uses of the time off is going to our pool. Week 4 steps in.

But this sounds easy, right? wrong.

Week 1: Will definitely be used to travel somewhere warm. This is my only sure thing as by January, I am crazy with crappy Northeast Ohio weather.

Week 2: I usually don't take a whole week off at the holidays. I end up just spending too much money shopping at the after Christmas sales on things I don't need. Plus, it is gross outside. Who wants to use vacation time with snow and 10 degrees? Not me.

Week 3: Our fall trip will be 5 days including the weekend – not 7.

Week 4: And I will not get in 10, 1/2 days at the pool in 3 months. I refuse to take off an entire vacation day when the pool opens at noon. No need to waste precious time, so I take a lot of 1/2 days, weather permitting for the pool days. But I have never used 10, 1/2 days at the pool.

So, with 20 vacation days planned, I will really use 15 or 16 instead. I seriously have to stop hoarding my time – as I regret saving too much and having to use it in February, with 5 degree weather, and alone because no one is stupid enough to use time off then – except me. And what am I doing? I am scheduled to take a half day today for the pool, but knowing it will be really hot, I am rescheduling it for another time. I'm sure I'll have a blast using it on Feb. 28th next year.

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Mombi said...

Schedule some mental health days to recharge your batteries!!