Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Below the belt

I have injured my foot, ankles, knee and now I have a bad right hip. You'd think I was an athlete or 70 years old by the first sentence, but I am not either.

My ankle injuries are due to me being a clutz. The knee is an injury from High School and loads of visits to the orthopedic surgeon. My right foot is a real treat to look at. I have a 5" scar on the top from surgery in High School (again). I was on crutches for almost half my High School days due to my knee and foot.

My foot injury was a mixture many things. Bad genes (sorry, Mom & Dad).
A car seat slammed was slammed on the foot at Lambeau field after training camp. I had to have an awesome pair of Bass shoes for seventh grade – that I knew were too tight – but I wore them anyway. I jammed the foot sliding into second base playing softball for school. After all these, I had so much pain in my left foot – I looked like I had a bunion at 16 years old. I was embarrassed by my feet. I had to wear guy's tennis shoes so my foot wouldn't hurt. After my surgery, I had a straight and normal width foot – but I had a scar that Herman Munster would admire. I wouldn't wear sandals for a decade.

I'm pretty used to the barometric pressure making my joints feel crappy by now. I can tell when the weather is changing just by how my foot, ankle, knee feel. But now it is my hip yelling "it is going to rain!". My hip is a recent pain I've felt more and more and I don't know why. It is the bad genes again (sorry, Dad), wearing flip flops, my chair(s) at work, the weather, sleeping with the windows open at night, my age and my weight. I can't do anything about some of these – but I am determined to work on the last.

I'd bet the house if I went to an orthopedic surgeon today, they'd say "you know, it wouldn't hurt you to lose 40 lbs". That is what all doctors say to me, so that is an easy bet. So, I guess it is time to do so. Until then, I'm gimpy today because my hip hurts.

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