Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Today is an anniversary for me (sort of). August 19th, 1985 was my first day of college.I have strong memories of that day. It was really , really hot. Typical middle Tennessee in August. It was really, really busy. Typical move-in day at the dorm. It was really, really scary. Typical Freshman.

I only looked at a couple of schools – I decided on one that seemed safe to me. I had been on my campus the year before for cheerleading camp (don't judge me). It was the obvious liberal, state school for me. But
my Dad was transferred to Connecticut the summer I graduated high school.

I moved with my parents and younger brother (me being only 18 and still under Mom & Dad's wings). I stayed in Connecticut for about a month and the four of us then headed for my trip to college... in Tennessee. Yes, I know it sounds stupid that I went to a state school in Tennessee while living in Connecticut. But as long as I was accepted as in state, my status stayed with continuous semesters. Don't forget that Mom & Dad paid for my school. So beggars can't be too choosy. My older brother was already in Tennesse, entering his third year in college in Tenn. And we moved often, so this decision didn't seem out of the ordinary to us.

The day I was dropped off at school was really hard for all of us. Our van broke down right in front of the dorm. Not a good day. It was already an emotional day for us, but it put more pressure on the day. I think my Mom and my younger brother were OK, but my Dad took it hard. It was merely 2 years before when he dropped off my older brother – but with big differences. A. He's a boy B. He's first born "it's good for him" C. He was only 2 hours away.

Enter my issues – A. I'm a girl. B. I'm the only girl. C. I'm always 2 years younger than my brother D. I am about 1,000 miles away from home.

That night, I went to an orientation game thingy for Freshman. It was really lame. I walked way across campus to a convenience store and bought food for my dorm room fridge. I didn't think as I bought a gallon of orange juice an a 1/2 gallon of milk and had to carry it about a mile. Plus, I wore white loafers. (again - don't judge me). I cried on my way home, and even then I don't know why. I guess I was just feeling sorry for myself. It was the first time for me on my own. And that is scary when you're 18. I knew my parents weren't going to be just a two hour car ride away, and that I would see them next at Christmas break. I'm tough, but I'm still a softie.

So, 23 years later, I'm back in college. I'm enrolled in an animation class. It is a necessary evil class – as I'll be in class 6 – 8:40 MW until mid December. Talk about cramping your style. Now that I've been out of school, 1 lone class seems like a huge burden on my life. But in order to get ahead, I have to have this class. Once I learn it, no one can take that away from me. And if I chose to use it for work or to help me find another job, that is OK, too. It is good to be back in college.

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HA! You were a cheerleader! I love it!