Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Today M and I had dinner with my folks along with great family friends. They're visiting from Wisconsin on their annual Ohio trip. I've mentioned this family before – actually one of the reasons why this site is macandCHEESEhead. see previous post "this is cheesey".

Not only do we get to see good friends from "home", but they also bring goodies. Naturally, as a kid, this was really cool. But it is even better as an adult. You see, they bring cheese. OK, some people may be thinking, "what's the big deal?" If you think that – then you've never had good cheese. Really good cheese.

Here is the cheese company's info: (Oh, and by the way, M & J, if you read this – you need a web site... and I happen to know a great web designer who will gladly trade services :)
Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company
Guided tours and movie focus on Wisconsin's rich dairy heritage. Fresh cheese curds and ice cream. Retail outlet and an observation window.
Hwys 34 and C, 6860 State Highway 34, Rudolph Wisconsin 54475

We were just gifted with goodies galore. The good kind, too. So now we have over 12 kinds of cheese in our fridge. Yes, you read that correctly, 12. Normally, this is not a problem. In fact it is like Christmas Eve right after we open all of our gifts. But the bounty is in my fridge – not under a tree.
Here's the catch: I'm weighing in with Weight Watchers on Friday at noon. Having Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company's cheese in my fridge is like having an open bar to an alcoholic. Like candy to a diabetic. Like steak on a Lenten Friday. Like crack to a druggie.

Only my drug is cheese. Knowing this cheese is in my fridge will haunt me until I get home on Friday, AFTER my weigh in. That way, I'll have all week to hide my addiction until the next weigh in. If it shows up on my weigh in, I'm OK with it. This cheese is worth the points!

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