Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dog people

comic: The New Yorker.
I'm a dog person, but I have no dog. And I'm not just a dog person - I'm a lab pers
on. And I don't have a labrador, either. What I do have is 3 cats.

I put my black lab, Alex down 12 years ago, April 2. Yeah, I remember the date. It seems like yesterday and so long ago, too. I've talked about Alex before here, as he was a major part of my life for 12 years. He was my real friend. I have a term for certain kinds of dogs like Alex: bubbadogs. I used to call Alex "Bubba" in private. It was my word for baby and friend – and he was both to me.

Now, when I see a retriever, I think to myself - "what a nice bubbadog". M knows I do this, but not many others. There are few other breeds that are bubbadogs – my in-law's dog, Graham was a bubbadog, to
o. I have also defined my cat Jake (Jacob T. Marlie – T. stands for TROUBLE) as a bubbacat. This, of course, is because Jake has no idea he is a cat. (We haven't told him yet).

My brother has a new bubbadog (see post below) and I'm kinda jealous. The thing is, I can't have one – yet. M and I thought of getting a lab 2 years ago when Flynn died. Instead, Jake became our new, feline friend. I just wasn't ready to commit to a dog then. I guess I was also having issues with "replacing" Alex, too. I've missed Alex for years and I have a hard time thinking of someone else in his place.

With my brother's new dog, the idea has entered my mind again. But our cat, Rumba (see former post) would not approve. She's not doing well, and she's showing her age lately. She simply would not take to a dog and she would be miserable. She barely can stand Jake and Flip, let alone a puppy. It is not fair to her in her senior years.

In the past 3 days, I have been sent 3 "free to good home" emails. The first 2 were for cats and today for LAB PUPPIES. I have a hard time forwarding the cats to friends who may know someone who needs a cat. But the one today was hard - and besides, w
ho gives away lab pups? Geez.

As for M and I – we will eventually have our very own bubbadog, but not yet.

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