Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let down

If you know why I named this site, then you know how much I love the Packers. And if you love the Packers, then surely, Brett Favre is your king. In March, it was a sad time for Packer lovers – while at the same time an opportunity to rebuild. It was difficult to let Brett go. It was as if he died to me... because he did not exist anymore as #4.

With all the Favre buzz lately, I've watched ESPN and Sportscenter a lot. I've secretly wanted Brett to just stay retired. No, I'm not crazy. I just wanted him to leave with dignity and on top. Because even though his last game was a loss and not a Superbowl trip, it was still a high.
All the talk about him coming back, not coming back has been disturbing to me. Is he? Is he not? Packer fans and Favre fans had the hopes up and then down during the last month. I really wanted him to not play ever again. I didn't want him to play and fail or get hurt. That is not how a true star should leave the game. His continuous game streak should be left alone as-is.

For the past couple of days, I was in denial, even though I saw Favre showed up in Green Bay. The rumors of him being traded seemed silly to me. If he wants to play – then the Packers should let him. Favre is the better QB – even if Aaron Rodgers has been groomed to take over. The speculations of Favre going to other teams like Minnesota and Tampa Bay were really upsetting to me. And yesterday New York's name was mentioned. All these seemed unreal that they'd ever happen – just rumors.

So this morning at about 6:15 I hear the news about King Favre is now a NY Jet. I can't tell you how disappointed I am.

I told my husband how I feel this morning. The death feeling in March was a time for mourning for Packer lovers. Now, it feels like a divorce. And your spouse is leaving you for someone younger, better looking and more money. This just pours salt in the wounds we've been trying to heal since March.

I know I should be happy for Brett. After all – he just wants to play. It is evident that money is not what drives him. I wish him well, but it will be difficult to watch him in a uniform other than a Packers uniform. New York doesn't deserve a star like Brett. They've
already rubbed it in our faces as they won the prize. They even have an ad on their site to buy a Favre replica jersey today – #4 with green, but no gold.

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