Friday, September 5, 2008

I need one of these

Who knew they made little cheeseheads?* I already am the proud owner of a cheesehead – but it fits on MY head. (my blog picture above is proof that I own one – and what you can't see is the background of Lambeau Field).

*note: the cat being humiliated in the picture below is not mine – some other Packer fan's method of cat torture.

I know I could actually dress one of our three cats, Jake. He's clueless of his near humiliations if I bought any of the funny cat costumes in the pet sections of stores. (He has M to thank.) I've refrained myself from buying a Halloween outfit for the past two years, but I did buy a 75% off Christmas elf hat a couple of years ago. Jake was had zero interes in it, other than dragging it around as a toy. Below is the best I could do:

In no way am I one of those weird pet people that dresses/humiliates pets. No way, not me. But come on – this is funny. And I KNOW I could get Jake in the spirit of the Packers's home opener against the Vikings on the 8th... I just need one of those little cheeseheads! I'll have to settle for my Packers flag for the porch. Go Pack!

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