Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm addicted

Ok - In no way am I a fashionista. I never have and never will be. I've always aspired to be that girl who looks fabulous and cool. Note I said aspired.

There are days I think I'm way heavier than I am. My mind still sees that 300+ person inside the smaller body. Self image is hard to change. But some days, when I have on something cool, I think I'm smaller than I really am. I'm thrown quickly back into reality when I see myself in a mirror, though. I can't win...

Except for shoes. I have cool shoes. They are my favorite thing you can wear. Oh, and watches, too. No matter how short, tall, wide, skinny, chubby, fill in your own adjective here, you can have cool shoes and watches. My shoe love started when I was little. Remember going to the store to get your new school shoes? And remember being able to put your dumpy, smelly old ones in that new box, so you could wear your new ones home? I do. Remember taking your new shoes to bed with you? You don't ? I sure do. No, I didn't wear my shoes to bed... I actually slept with them... like a stuffed animal. After I got a little older, even I realized this was crazy – so I switched to displaying my new shoes right next to my bed. That way, anytime I could just roll over and take a look at my new prize possession.

Watches became an important part of my wardrobe when my Dad would travel and bring back cool watches. I still have my bicentennial white watch with 13 stars for the clock. Very cool. My collection includes a Swatch watch from Africa, a Disney watch that has the Genie pop out, a Little Mermaid watch that plays "Under the Sea" and a Swatch watch with naughty bunnies (an anniversary gift) - all very cool. I end up wearing my uniform watches usually, though. So if you see me wearing one of these, you're lucky... as I only bring them out for special occasions and when I'm in the mood.

My shoes aren't what you'd think a designing professional would have in her wardrobe, though. I do own some heels - but I'm a 6-footer in them. I don't need help being noticed as a large person, so adding height isn't always good. Plus, I've had foot surgery. I simply can't bend one of my feet now, since that surgery. So cancel out anything more than 2 inches because of that. I also have this weird thing against skinny heels on a heavy person. Again, my weight and height just look funny... like an orange on 2 toothpicks.

I just bought a new pair of school shoes. I know, I know, I'm not in school (hey, actually, I AM). I still call my Fall/Winter shoes for work, school shoes. My heavy weights. Shoes that I can rely on. Yes, I love Summer shoes - who doesn't? And yes, I have loads of them, as a pair of flip flops are way cheaper than boots. But my Fall/Winter shoes are my sure things. These are my classics that will last the decade with me. They better, as they cost a fortune. Some women spend more on heels. Not me, I spend on Keens and Merrells, etc. I just bought a new pair of black school shoes – on sale, of course. They're actually gray, so they could be kinda cool. They haven't even arrived at my house (free shipping takes patience), and what does onlineshoes.com do? They send me an email with an even bigger discount on more Keens.

Here's the shoes they sent me, thinking I'll love them. Luring me to their site like a moth to the flame. It is as if they knew that I needed a pair of ORANGE mary janes! They're crack dealers and I'm addicted. Where does one go for detox for shoes?

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