Monday, September 22, 2008

Jerk on Carnegie

Yeah, you're a major dicky jerk. I paid $20 to park my Jeep at St. Maron's church on Carnegie on Saturday night. I had free tickets to see the tribe and it was really nice out. So I drove my Jeep – with the top down. All three games this year I've driven the Jeep downtown with the top down. So why anything different this time?

This time I paid to park in a CHURCH's parking lot. A CHURCH! I backed into a spot on the second tier of a garage. I was on the top, with no roof over me – overlooking Carnegie. With tons of people walking and driving by.

The asshole jumped into my Jeep with no respect of anyone but himself. I know it was a guy – as we saw 3 of them WORKING at the garage. It was really nice of you to help yourself to my stuff in my center console. Because there was nothing of interest to you, thanks for leaving it all over on my seats. You didn't want my umbrella? Or my sunglasses, garage opener, college parking passes? I wonder why? Because there are MINE, you ass.

So you didn't find anything you wanted in my console, you thought it was OK to break my glove box. You didn't get in, as Jeep makes a superior locking system for assholes like you. And if you did get it open, you'd had found NOTHING! But in return, you scratched my glove box and you broke it. Thanks efing asshole.

You have no respect for other people's things and you thought only of yourself. Next time, I'll park in a dimly lit lot where it is safe.

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