Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random thoughts

It's that time again... busy at work and home. I can't figure it out why, too. I run myself thin every September. Is it because I won't do much during the Summer, aka, my time? Maybe so.

I'm in class two nights a week. It was really frustrating at first, as it is a difficult concept to grasp. It took about 5 classes before I had the "ah-ha" moment – and finally am "getting it". I continue to be grateful I'm auditing the class. I'm dead tired afterwards, but also wired at the same time. Go figure.

I'm avoiding doing my last will and testament. It is just bumming me out.

I need an oil change and I'm having difficulty finding the time to either a) sit and wait, b) drop it off and just walk around at the Big Lots across the street or c) be a bum and ask for a ride.

I'm having a hard time getting dressed in the mornings now. Do I dress for Summer or Fall? It has been nice outside, but exceptionally cold at work. I love fall clothes, but it is not technically fall yet... one must not rush the season.

My tan is starting to fade – and that is making me sad.

I am able to fit into clothes better – even with the morning undecisiveness.

I'm a great Aunt – not a a Great Aunt. We spent this past Saturday doing a "Fun Day". It involved eating pancakes, a zoo, Friendlys and a book store. This week should be filled with Memphis Kiddie Park and McDonalds. Whatever makes an 8 year old and 4 year old happy.

I just spent $148 on magazines for said 8 year old's school fund raiser. Again - great aunt. :) I'm sure she'll win a prize because of me. I was able to buy surpresents and picker-uppers.

I hate it when co-workers whisper in their cube... just annoy me with normal talk. If you're going to annoy me – at least talk loud enough for me to eavesdrop. As for the nail clipping co-worker: you can stop doing that at work.

I am addicted to my Mac. And I have a new one. It has been a couple of hard days getting used to the new one and getting settled back in.

I was invited to a free all-you-can-eat Indian's game with Cliff Lee pitching tomorrow night – but can't go because I have my class. I wanted to skip, but just can't. I refuse to get behind, even if I'm auditing.

My Jeep's top has broken twice now – probably due to operation error (me). When I put the top up according to their instructions, it leaks - a lot. So, I don't care about breaking dumb straps every year because I can put it up without leaking. Dumb.

I have a 15" or so arm. Had to borrow a tape measure to find out. Do you know what your arm size is? Those of us who feel as if a python is squeezing the life out of your arm while your blood pressure is being taken know your arm size.

I'm too exhausted to go home – so I can crash at home. Hope you're having a good September.

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