Wednesday, October 1, 2008

$50 savings

This post is an update to the previous post, I'm addicted. I could no longer stand the calling of the $20 off discount that pimps offered me... and yes, I bought another pair of Keens. (If you're counting, this makes only four total - I'm not a total crackhead, yet).

I did, however, kept myself from buying the impractical orange mary janes. No, my newest pair of my prized Keen collection has orange shoe laces. Yes, these are much more practical, or so I'm telling myself.

Here's my analysis: I figured that the orange mary janes would look dorky with socks. And everyone knows one can not go without socks too long in Northeast Ohio. And if I even tried, the shoes would eventually be able to walk on their own.

The brown shoes will be a much better fit as a school shoe. I can wear them with my winter orange things. Plus, their style is more appropriate for said orange things in the closet. Not to mention they'll do better with socks. And what really threw me over the edge was that they were originally $84.99, on sale for $54.99. So, with my $20 off discount, that made a $50 savings... a pair of Keens for only $34.99!

I know, I know, many of you think "they were on sale because they have orange shoe laces, dummy". Uh, OK that was one of the main reasons why I bought them... I needed orange, Winter, looks-cool-with-socks-so-my-feet-don't-freeze-or-get-stinky school shoes, doesn't everyone?

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