Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Made me laugh...

There are certain silly things that come up time to time that just make me laugh. I'm sure most everyone has memories of something silly. A conversation that was 20 years ago can seem like yesterday to me.

A site I visit often has silly and (sometimes) raunch comics. Very basic drawings, but to the point. Some of them, I don't get the point – but I think that IS the point in some of them. Here's a comic that made me laugh and smile.

The comic is titled: "Yuck, don't buy 'em". This comic is really funny to me because of a story my Dad tells. You see, ever since my Dad retired, he travels with my Mom – a lot. It can be somewhere like Canada, Texas, a safari or a cross-Atlantic cruise. They're known to be gone 5-6 times a year with their travels — so you can see they are well-seasoned travelers.

My Dad has a "trick" to travel light. He brings old underwear, socks with him and doesn't bring them back. He literally saves underwear for his trips. You know - the ones that are getting kinda dingy in the back of the drawer? Yup, those pairs. These are easy to wear on a trip and never will see home again. The problem is my folks travel so much that my Dad can't keep up having "old" underwear. So his solution for a cruise was that he bought underwear at a discount store. A deep-discount store. He brought them on a cruise, brand new. And knowing my Dad, he had exactly twice as many pairs of underwear as days of the cruise. So his number was exact. Only thing is, when it was time for the new pairs of underwear, they were labeled wrong/mismarked for his size... and not to his advantage.

The lesson of the day: always try on new underwear before taking vacation and to eliminate any issues, don't buy it at a deep discount store!

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