Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I was inspired from the Cleveland Plain Dealer today. I read their column, "Thankful Thursday" in the print issue of the paper. It has loads of people thanking others for simply being nice. It included thanks to senior citizen bus drivers, some people giving free Indian's tickets away, courteous groundskeepers and a couple who helped a stranded teenager with her car.

Basically, it is a nice gesture for the nice gestures. But the reason I read the paper this morning was because I was at the Jeep dealer getting my glove box repaired. So, today, I'm thankful for the Jeep mechanic (Mike) who fixed it quickly and efficiently. He's a great mechanic.

And to the Jerk on Carnegie who TRIED to break into my glove box, today is Thankful Thursday. So thanks a lot, as I'm out $120.20 + my time. I hope someone treats you as respectful as you did me.

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