Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas $

I finally spent my Christmas $... from last year. Those of us with January birthdays have difficulty with Christmas/birthday gifts. It is really hard to come up with your gift wish list crammed into 3 weeks of the year. Plus, I'm really hard to shop for. Double whammy.

My parents give all of us a fantastic Christmas (yes, I'm still a "kid") and on top of that, they give us the all and mighty envelope. We always get an envelope after all the gifts are open. Lately, it is a check to buy whatever you want. In years past, it has been a trip to Cancun and even cruises. (And yes, my parents are the coolest gifters ever!). I immediately deposited my check in the bank, having no clue how to spend it. Of course, M spent it in his head a million times even before Dec. 24th. But that is another post.

I put it away for the right time. And
now it is November and it was still there. And good thing, because I actually NEED some things that are a bit expensive. It is also extremely unlike me to buy anything for myself after Halloween. It is officially holiday-mode, aka gift buying season.
I have made 3 major purchases in the past weeks (ok, anything over $50 for myself is "major"). I bought an awesome down coat (a size smaller, yeah), a super nice Christmas tree (why we had to get another one is another post) and a really guilty purchase - bad ass leather high boots from Eddie Bauer. I never been able to wear high boots with my ridiculous 17" calves, and have been afraid to even try any high boots - not even the wide-calf ones (when you can find them in a store). But I decided to try for the first time squish my hulk calves into boots. They arrived last night - and they fit! Not only do they fit, but they actually make my legs look skinnier! Just an illusion, I know, but I'll take it. Now I have to find some brown tights so I can show them off. Very cool presents, don't you think?

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