Friday, November 7, 2008


This week has been a hard one for me – I'm really busy with a tight deadline and I've had numerous distractions. For whatever reasons, everything is at my last nerve at work. Probably about said tight deadline.

Besides my previous rantings, the team next to me is moving their cubes. Ok, this is noisy, but expected. But don't park your dumpster right in front of MY cube. But I'm the jerk when I move it towards them.

Speaking of jerks, the same team has been coughing all over the place. One of them doesn't cover her mouth when she coughs. Totally not cool. As I walked in today, I saw a co-worker from another area and she said she has whooping cough. Uh, what?! And you're at work? She claimed she was antibiotics and not contagious... but that is only one person. I'd hate to see what the team across me really has.

I have fear that the creepy crud will ooze right over my cube wall and get me. Like the death that seeps into homes and gets the first born sons in "The Ten Commandments". I could put lamb's blood on my door to stop it, but that would get me sent home.

In the meantime, I'm bathing in Purell® and hoping for the best.

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