Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It was good while it lasted...

Today is the first day back for some team members. They've been out of the office for over a week. And in cube-time, that feels like eternity of pure heaven. You see, I work mostly with men in my department... a good thing... usually.

Put simply, my coworkers are guys. Most of the time, this is a good thing. Guys aren't petty. They don't care about your shoes or your hair. They don't hate you because you are skinnier than them. They talk sports, music and tell funny jokes. When they talk about their kids, it isn't long and winded. It usually doesn't involve showing you pictures. Their cubes are dusty and their calendars are off by a month.

But they are also loud, messy and have no clue how obnoxious this can be. They leave empty boxes and equipment in the hallways... for months. They leave lights on and don't shut doors. They make loud noises for their work (editing videos). And they are just simply – guys.

One of my biggest pet peeves at work is people talking over cube walls. This is really distracting and annoying. And immediately at 8:10 it began today. (It's going on right now). They've been told how distracting it is, but they don't care. And it is hard for me as I can turn on the bitch-mode fast. So I try not to say anything when it is going on. I have to remember, they are guys.

Another annoying thing is that guys think it is perfectly fine to bring out the nail clippers any time of day. PING! PING! PING!. It is not only gross, but the sound is rude – especially when I'm on the phone. I don't bring out my hair dryer or my nail polish, etc. So neither should they. Totally not cool.

My last venting of the day is that the guys also like toys. Techy toys. Yes, I, too bring my beloved iPod and such to work, but I WEAR HEADPHONES. I also don't have my cell phone ringing all efing day. Hey, here's an idea - take the damn thing with you! Don't leave it at your desk for it to ring every 4 mintues. "Da Da Da Duh Dah! Da Da Da Duh Dah!" Ever hear of vibrate? Geez. And turn off your IM and email alert sounds. Not only are they annoying to those around you, but total proof you are a dork.

Now I have to put my headphones on to try to get some work done. In an hour, I'll be used to the caos again. I have to remember that this is a great group of guys to work with. But the quiet and peace was good while it lasted.

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Maureen N said...

I love that I know exactly who you are talking about!