Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our annual Fun Ann Day

Because M and I are the coolest uncle and aunt ever, we not only give you awesome gifts that we let you pick out, but we also take you for the day. Last year, we let our niece Ann decide where she wanted to go. Below is her agenda for her 8th and 9th birthdays.
  • breakfast at the Original Pancake House for chocolate chip pancakes (WITH chocolate milk)
  • the mall to pick out some cool new Sketcher shoes
  • her first visit to the Akron Zoo
  • lunch at Ann's favorite restaurant, Friendly's (big kid fried cheese with sundae)

So she decided on a repeat for her 9th birthday this year:
  • breakfast again at the Original - also with said chocolate milk. (Trust me, if she is somewhat related to me that will catch up to her some day. )
  • The Akron Zoo again - she loved their jelly fish exhibit so much last year she was inspired to do her next school project on the jellies and needed pictures
  • Best Buy for her to pick out a new video game
  • A quick visit to Cuyahoga National Park
  • Quaker Steak & Lube for (surprise) fried cheese and chocolate milk. She also discovered the fine dining of fried pickles.

It was a Fun Ann Day for all three of us. (Note: yes, I do like having my picture taken in circles of weird animals, foods. And yes, that hot guy is my husband... lucky me :)