Monday, June 15, 2009

Why you shouldn't sub-contract

A couple weeks ago, a loud truck was across the street at the park. It was one of those landscaping trucks that sprays mulch. Much to my amusement, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were in the truck.

They caught my attention because they were loudly discussing what they were about to do. (They argued who was going to do what job). It is obvious that Tweedle Dee is management, as he got the easy job. Simply to just drive the truck slowly while Tweedle Dum sprays the mulch. I guess another task for Tweedle Dee is to turn on the sprayer WHILE driving away, slowly. He obviously didn't tell his insubordinate, Tweedle Dum because while he was just standing there, the mulch started pumping out the hose. Maybe they should have a signal or something? Like, "I'm pushing the button now!" (But what do I know?... I'm not management). Of course, mulch sprays on Tweedle Dum and on the sidewalk. (I didn't negotiate our landscaping contract, but I'm sure it says nothing about mulching the sidewalk.)

Tweedle Dum also didn't realize that if you point a hose directly at your face, management might hit the button for a sea of mulch to hit your face. (Again, I'm sure our contract has nothing about mulching faces). The image below is right before Tweedle Dum is blasted with mulch for the SECOND time. (I wonder if he got splinters?)

You see, previous dimwits planted dead and near-dead trees at the park during non-planting season. Hence, the 13 dead trees. I guess I have to mention that our landscapers sub-contracted the mulch process. And it is my best guess the contract simply said: "mulch trees"

Of course, the 13 dead trees look really nice with mulch around them.

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