Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Meals turn 30

Unfortunately for me, I was "too old" for Happy Meals when they came out. Not that it mattered, as we didn't ever go to McDonald's either. Yes, you heard me... I was not raised on chicken nuggets. In fact, the last time I was at a McDonald's was last September for a drink. But there is something that makes you still want to get a Happy Meal when they have a new toy campaign.

Funny ho is it not cool at 12 to get a Happy Meal, but at 30 it is. Maybe it isn't our age but how we feel?

I have to admit, the only reasons I've bought Happy Meals is because of the toys... which I have proof of two: A Halloween McBuddy (chicken nugget) that I bring out every October, and the cool Halloween pumpkin bucket. (the McBuddy stores in it for 11 months just perfect).

I guess the child obesity thing in the last 30 years is proof from the Happy Meal, too. However, the news today said that the most popular Happy Meal is now the 4 piece nuggets, apples and 1% milk (only about 360 calories). So that now makes it ok for me to get a Happy Meal today.