Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random thoughts

24 years ago today I started college. I remember like it was yesterday.

I'm finding that people actually want my work now. Only one group needed me all this time and now others are starting to pop up. I agreed to help another group with their work. It'll be good work for me to do as it'll keep me busy, keep me off unemployment and hopefully be worthy of my ongoing portfolio. I had a third person want work in the same day. It wasn't work I really wanted to do and knew I'd be spread too thin. So I declined it. And you know what? It felt good to be in control for a change.

I've been at home for over 8 months now. And I'm getting used to it. I can't lie it is nice to get some quiet days. I'm taking on work to make sure I don't get lazy - a 4 letter word in my family. Because it is summer, I have time for myself for the first time in my career - and that is nice. It'll end before I know it so everyone tells me to enjoy it. I know the right job is out there for me - but until then I'm freelancing and enjoying my time.

I'm avoiding going to the doctor because I gained 10 lbs since December. Lame, I know. I have a month's worth left of pills, so my 10 lbs will either have to go away by then or I'll have to face-up. I'm guessing it is the second one.

I think I'm getting arthritis in my hands now. I've learned how to live with it in my back and now this. At least I'll have something to talk about with my doctor other than the 10 lbs I'm up.

The more time I'm alone, the more I get used to it - while there are many days I ache for someone to talk to me. I'm trying my best not to annoy my husband but it is often he is the only person I talk to other than the cats.

It makes me sad that there are many people who know I'm at home and don't bother to call. A friend who is also at home says it feels like she's a leper. But don't friends and family call their leper friends? Some don't.

We still need to complete our will. We're avoiding it because it is dreary to think about and will cost us $500 (also dreary).

I've got work to do tomorrow - plenty to keep me busy. Glad it isn't a pool day as that distracts me. I tend to get my work done in the morning and at night on nice days. The pool isn't open forever, ya know.

I have the best tan I've had since college - and nowhere to show it off.

With all this extra time on my hands, you'd think I'd find time to do some of the things on my things to do list - including write more.