Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Labor Day is usually a sad day for me - like the last day of a vacation. Although I have fun over the summer, Labor Day means it is the end/finale of shorts birks and pools. I know, I know, the official end of summer is September 22nd but Labor Day is the last day you can go to the pool, get peach ice-cream and wear your flip-flops and not worry if you're out of season. All the summer stuff is on clearance, and so is the back-to-school stuff. And Halloween merchandiseis starting to pop up in the stores, too.

Although I am also looking forward to the 3-day weekend, I also know it will go by quickly - just like a good vacation. But this Labor Day isn't the same to me as usual - I guess you have to be working all year to feel like you can celebrate Labor Day... but not me. It is just like any other Monday in 2009 - except my husband is home.

It is going to rain today - the last day of the pool season. So I'm kind of bummed. I did get to go on Saturday. And Sunday's weather kept playing tricks on us and was just a big tease. Is it going to rain? Is it going to be sunny? Neither. So we went to the Oktoberfest at 4:00 with good friends, instead.

12 years ago I went to the Oktoberfest with M on our first "date". Ok, I asked him out and I call it a date, but he may not. I was nervous as hell and it was hot, humid and hazy out. I know this because I was wearing my bright neon yellow rain coat. My parents and younger brother were also there - but I figured we'd never see each other. Wrong. That bright, neon yellow coat is to blame. But I was also able to get that awkward "meet the parents" thing that day, too. M and I shared a corn dog that day. He likes the top and I like the extra crunchy bottom. But as he took way more than his share, I was ticked. And because it was a "date" to me, I didn't say anything. I guess because he didn't run away from me and my family it wasn't worth the bigger bite.

Off to do something fun for the day - weather permitting. Probably just go out for lunch to get out of the house.

Oh - an
d I didn't share a corn dog this Oktoberfest - I learned my lesson 12 years ago.